Man, the east coast produces some hot brothas. Hot Rod’s smoldering stare is kinda like coming home after a longass day of work in the middle of winter – to find the fireplace already lit and the house as toasty as marshmallows at a campfire. That’s just Hot Rod’s way, not only in those big coffee-colored eyes but also when you’re talking to tha dude; he’s on the quiet side, obviously shy and not much used to talking about himself. But inside tha boi you can definitely feel the man going on inside; Hot Rod’s a thinker, and young enough to still have his dreams and goals intact, ready to act on them. This little brother – who ain’t so little, at 6’2” tall – automatically makes ya feel as warm and comfortable as that fireplace … even when he’s also so fuckin’ sexy, you wanna get at him with your own poker.

After a pretty hot photo-shoot that had me hard as a rock, I talked with Hot Rod about what make his own hot rod tick – and found a very cool, suave brotha with a lot of charm … and them damn smoldering, sexy eyes that beam right through ya in person.

MANNY BABY: First of all, I gotta say – there’s a lot going on behind those eyes, man.
HOTROD: Yeah, so I been told. A girl I dated years ago said I had an “old soul” living in my eyes.
MANNY BABY: What’s up with that? You grow up hard, man?
HOTROD: Nah, not really. I had a pretty normal childhood; regular. Nothing real drastic.
MANNY BABY: And you dated chicks?
HOTROD: I did; didn’t experiment with other guys until I was 18 or so, though. Before that, I was a regular high school kid, really.
MANNY BABY: And after?
HOTROD: Well … my family’s pretty religious, so when I started talking about it there wasn’t a lot of acceptance. It’s getting better, though.
MANNY BABY: That’s cool. So what made you decide to pose?
HOTROD: Man, I was working security at the time – one of the most boring jobs on earth – and one night I was bored so filled out the application online without really expecting anything to come from it. But shit, within 10 minutes I got emailed back, and then was flown down to Miami a couple of times – and before I knew it, I was on the team.
MANNY BABY: And we’re glad for it, man. So you had no problem with the nude stuff?
HOTROD: Naw. It was a very unique, fun experience. The idea had been floating around in my head, to do something like this, for some time – I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin – and once I got comfortable I didn’t have a problem with the shoot. At least, I don’t think I did …

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