When I first saw EUFEIMEO I was jealous as hell, I canít front. The hot 19-year-old Baltimore native came in, rocked the CocoDorm, and then bounced. With smooth golden brown skin, perfect pearly white teeth, bushy eyebrows and a tight naturally lean body; the brother was irresistible and attracted people to him like a magnet. He was too cute, too nice and too happy-go-lucky. Then I realized that I was hating. There was nothing wrong with this kid. He was madd cool and finer than a motherfucker. The type of dude that makes your heart skip a beat. It wasnít his fault, he had it like that. So after I saw his photo shoot I put in a request to do his interview. I caught him just before he left the dorm.

EJ: Yo dude I gotta tell you, I did not like your ass when you first got here.
EUFEIMEO: Word? I didnít catch that. I felt a little negativity from a couple of other guys, but you always seemed cool.
EJ: Seriously, I was hating on you cause of the attention you were getting. But you always kept it positive.
EUFEIMEO: Thatís just the way I was brought up. I canít let nobody else dictate how I feel or react. I love life and I love sex, so I was haviní a ball.
EJ: I feel you... Tell me what made you decide to get into adult modeling and how did you get to the dorm.
EUFEIMEO: I donít know. I been checkiní out sites like Thugboy and CocoDorm for a minute. Then I started kickiní it wit Manny over My Space and I approached him. I felt like those guys ainít have shit on me. I could do just as good or better. Plus, it was some fine ass boys up in the joint and I wanted to dick Ďem down.
EJ: Why did you decide to leave the dorm?
EUFEIMEO: Man I love sex, but yíall get it in a little TOO much for me. I was having problems keeping up.
EJ: A strong young buck like you?
EUFEIMEO: Donít get me wrong. I can hang wit the best of them. I love the fans and all the attention; I just need to slow it down a little bit. Shit is happening too fast.
EJ: So are you going to continue on in the adult film industry?
EUFEIMEO: Yeah. I just want to work at a slower pace. Nah mean?

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