Leo Luv

Whatís good people? Itís ya boy Ninja Nixon coming at yíall again from the Cocodorm where the hottest little piece of ass just walked through the door for his second photo shoot. His name is Leo Luv and heís a definite dime piece. Standing about six feet even and light as a feather at 145, Iíve been peeking in on his photo shoot for the last hour or so and I CANíT WAIT to get a chance to speak with this one.

NINJA NIXON: Leo Luv, whatís good playboy?
LEO LUV: Chillin pimpin. Checkin you out.
NINJA NIXON: You like what you see?
LEO LUV: Oh fa-sho. You might have to watch yourself around me.
NINJA NIXON: Damn...well, I guess I donít even have to ask why you came to the dorm?
LEO LUV: Hell nah! A 30-day supply of all the fat dick I can take? Sign me the fuck up.
NINJA NIXON: Thatís whatís up and youíve been doing your thing too. The members love you.
LEO LUV: *laughs* Nah, I love the members. They keep pushin me to be even wilder than I already am which is kinda weird.
LEO LUV: Iím usually the one thatís pushing the issue when it comes to freaky sex. I mean...Iím a diagnosed sex addict *laughs* you give me a dick and some lube and Iíll give you a show.
NINJA NIXON: Speaking of which, youíve got a stream up online....
LEO LUV: I knew that was coming...*laughs*
NINJA NIXON: Yes sir, now everyone wants to see it. Tell me what was the deal with that.
LEO LUV: Well, me and Isaiah go back a LONG ways....Iím not even going to get into THAT, but it was natural for me to do that with him and I kinda forgot what the situation was for real, but thatís because we were really going at it that night....I mean....that stream is HOT.

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