Taz Alexanders

N’Tice here, coming to you from the always poppin’ Cocodorm in Miami, Florida with yet another brotha too stunning for words. This time it’s 19-year-old Taz Alexanders, currently visiting the Dorm from Tacoma, Washington. One of the many hotties currently residing at the Dorm. Taz, who clocks in at 5’10” tall and 135 pounds of chocolate muscle, says that his best feature has got to be his thick, 7” cut dick. Always hard and ready for some action, I caught Taz outside the Dorm as he was washing one of his tips.

NTICE: Hey man, what’s poppin’ wit you?
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Just chillin’ mah dude. Washin’ up my lil present here.
NTICE: That was a gift?
NTICE: From who? I need friends like that!
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Actually, it’s from one of the members.
NTICE: Oh for real?
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Yeah. You know how we got that new thing right?
NTICE: You mean where members can send in some new underwear that they want to see their favorite dorm boy in right?
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Yeah, they send the undies and we’ll wear ‘em during a show, sign ‘em and send ‘em back.
NTICE: So how did drawers turn into a car?
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Well, dude says he owns a car dealership and had this dream about me after my first night at the Dorm.
NTICE: You got ‘em creamin’ in they sleep already!
TAZ ALEXANDERS: I know right? So the letter says he has a dream about me in a Whitesnake video...and I was like “what the fuck” until Will2K showed me what he was talking about.
NTICE: You mean the video with the chick from Surreal Life dancin’ on the car?
NTICE: That was a hot dream.
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Hmm...I’ll bet it was now that I think about it.
NTICE: So...what next?
TAZ ALEXANDERS: Oh! So, I write the dude back and I’m just like “that’s cool.” I was joking around at the end and I said that if he sent me a car I would dance around on it for him.

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