Yusef Johnson

No doubt, Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly Love. And for Brothers Loving Brothers, too, as Philly has some of the finest black men on the east coast.

Recently I found one in Yusef Johnson, a cute and sensual brotha with dreamy eyes who served me coffee on day at a caf? in Center City. I took one look into the those eyes and was a goner, asking Yusef if he would mind sitting with me on his break for a chat. Surprisingly, without my telling him what I wanted or anything, this hot 19-year-old agreed.

Yusef turned out to be a real sweetheart, shy to the point of being embarrassed when I asked him about posing nude. He?d never posed nude before, but the more I spoke with him the more the idea seemed to intrigue him ? even turn him on.

When I asked Yusef about his sexual experiences, trying to feel out his sexual preference, he admitted to blowing a married brotha recently on a public train, late at night in the last car. ?I was reading a book, man, and this dude about three seats down just pulls out his dick and starts stroking it. He kept staring at me, and there was only him and me in the car ? and the brotha was fine as fuck. What could I do??

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