Marco Scott

Once again itís Eufeimeo coming back at yíall with yet another drop dead gorgeous cover model. This time, itís the newest addition to the family, Marco Scott. This six foot tall, one hundred eighty seven pound bisexual Brazilian packs a thick eight inch uncut dick and a body chiseled out of stone. I got the chance to sit down and talk with him right after his photo shoot.

EUFEIMEO: Iíve gotta tell you how hot that was. I was over here doing my best trying not to join in.
MARCO SCOTT: I wouldnít have cared. I was kind of hoping you did. Youíre cute.
EUFEIMEO: better stop it. I got a job to do.
MARCO SCOTT: Maybe a little later then.
EUFEIMEO: So your stats say youíre bi-sexual. Are you really or is that just to keep up the thug appeal?
MARCO SCOTT: No, Iím truly bisexual. I understand though that guys think Iím sexy. As long as they are respectful to certain things I donít mind. Itís kind of flattering.
EUFEIMEO: So do you think that a guy could ever turn you off of women?
MARCO SCOTT: *laughs* I doubt it. I wonít say 100% no though cause you never know what will happen.
EUFEIMEO: But, youíre at least open to the idea?
MARCO SCOTT: Of course. Iím open to any idea.
EUFEIMEO: So whatís the freakiest thing youíve ever done with another guy?
MARCO SCOTT: Well, I know this other bisexual guy who is into being dominated and stuff.
EUFEIMEO: Sounds hot already.

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