I?m not sure what it is about this country but Brazil sure has a lot to offer when looking for beautiful young studs. With his boyish looks and captivating smile, you?re always assured he?s a winning pick every time you see this Brazilian bomb.

CHINO: What is it about having sex with a man that you enjoy?
CURLY: To be honest, it?s cool to be able to have someone that you can just hang with and then if you want to get down, then it?s cool... everyone walks away happy.
CHINO: Does your girl know you be messin with dudes?
CURLY: Yeah, we?ve had sex with another guy together.
CHINO: Really, and how was that?
CURLY: It was incredible. I was hittin the dude in doggy while he was fuckin my girl in missionary. I wish I had a camera that night. I would love to sit back and relive the moment.
CHINO: Now this is getting interesting. Have you ever considered doing movies?
CURLY: Definitely. I?m actually in negotiations with to do a movie based on me entirely.
CHINO: Oh, congratulations.
CURLY: Yup. It will be me just doin my thing like I do now.
CHINO: So you must live a pretty exciting life?
CURLY: There?s not a day that I walk down the street and someone stops me.
CHINO: Hell, if I saw your beautiful body coming down the street, I would have to stop you too.
CURLY: If I didn?t know better, I would think that you were trying to get me outta my clothes.
CHINO: And if that was the case, so what?
CURLY: I would drop all this shit off my body. Just give me the word and its done.
CHINO: Whoa, we loosin sight of what suppose to be going on here like your interview for example.
CURLY: Ok well we can get back on track now.
CHINO: How much of a sex fiend are you?

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