T.I. Da King

This month's cover-brotha - a slim and toned, light-skinned 19-year-old homie from tha dirty south - packs nearly ten inches of manmeat and a whole lot of boyish masculinity in his 5'10" frame. Thing is, T.I da King wasn't seeking modeling work - he came by just seeing if we needed any office help, or maybe even a messenger/runner to do errands; the brotha had quit his last shitty job, and was just trying to make an honest living. He didn't even know what kind of an office we were!

We took one look at him (and got his shirt off), then asked how big his dick was... and that answer made us immediately sign this young, baby-faced thug up for a shoot. Now T.I da King is on the cover (and the centerfold) of the very magazine he wanted to sweep floors or make copies or run errands for.

Man, what fate holds. After we captured this sweet homeboy on film, T.I da King said yeah to answering a few questions about the man behind one of the sweetest dicks FlavaMen has ever put onto film.

T.I DA KING: This is so fuckin' funny, man; I can't believe I did this shit.
LEX: Really? You seemed real relaxed, man, you were pretty hot in this shoot.
T.I DA KING: ((blushing): Thanks, bro. Still not used to it, but I kinda got my groove on as I loosened up. Tha photographer dude was cool.
LEX: Your fist wasn't loosened up. Damn, man, you stroke your dick in an iron first - I thought, a coupla times, that that big stick of yours was gonna explode.
T.I DA KING: Yeah, it's just how I grew up strokin'. I like a real tight fit. Even with ass, or pussy - same thing. The tighter the fit, the more I get off on it.
LEX: Sounds good to me. You were really hot when you were stroking - kind of like you went to a different place in your head, or somethin'.
T.I DA KING: Dude, that is exactly it - when I am into it, into my own dick, or sex - I do sorta ôzone out". Like just now, man, I sorta just forgot the photo-dude and stretched out and got into my own fantasy. Pictured some hot body riding my schlong, and man before ya know it I forgot about everything but gettin' off. It's my high, dude. I don't drink - don't do drugs. Not even weed. But sex? Shit, man, THAT is the rush. Sex is my drug, and if coming is a drug then this homie's a pure junkie.

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