Ninja Nixon

He looks like a certain incarcerated rapper doesnít he? Donít worry, he hears it a lot but all this 21-year-old Sagittarius from Baltimore is concerned with right now is taking the industry by storm. He should not have any problems doing so. With 8Ē of cut dick, a BEAUTIFUL backside and smooth, blemish free skin, donít let his thuggish mean mug fool you. Ninja is an ASSassian of the peaceful variety as I found out when I had the chance to sit down and chat with him.

EUFEIMEO: So ... Ninja Nixon. Thatís a unique name. Want to explain for everyone out there that is wondering how you came to settle on that?
NINJA NIXON: Well, I knew before I got here that I needed to have a name that stood out but at the same time still fit my personality and me. Ninja was the first part, everyone always says itís hard to figure me out and no one ever really knows what a ninja is up to so that was the first part. Nixon was somewhat of the easy part because I just needed a name that would fit with ninja, so me and my best friend said the name to ourselves a few times and said well that was it.
span class='question'>EUFEIMEO: It does sort of roll of the tongue really easy
span class='question'>EUFEIMEO: No doubt. So, I ask everybody, with all the sites out there and the companies that Iím sure weíre falling all over themselves to get to you, why did you choose the Cocodorm?
NINJA NIXON: Iím not here to just be a Dorm Boy because itís so much more to me then just the dorm. However, the Dorm, believe it or not can open the door to many other opportunities and thatís really the reason I chose to come.
span class='question'>EUFEIMEO: Very true, a lot of people donít realize that the dorm is actually a foot in the door to bigger and better things in the industry. So what are your ultimate goals?
NINJA NIXON: I really want to be big in this industry. I told myself before I got here that I have to go big or take my ass back home. So I just really want to be a big time model and fulfill the desire of my support team and fans.
span class='question'>EUFEIMEO: Go hard or go home. Thatís whatís up. So, what about ... you know ... you as a person. Iím sure everyone will be all over you after the magazine drops, so give them a little insight to the man behind Ninja Nixon

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