Marcus Major

Marcus Major. From the second he looks at you, youíre totally under his spell. This Fort Lauderdale native stands at nearly six feet but keeps his body at a tight, sexy 176 pounds with training in various martial arts and a daily 5k. He owns the night with his eight and a half inch cut meat monster and the most BEAUTIFUL ass in all of existence. No kidding. When you see it...let me stop. Itís amazing that while only twenty years old Marcus Major has all the ASSets to be the next big thing in the business, he has higher aspirations for that gorgeous grill of his as I found out when I sat down with him.

MARCUS MAJOR: I could say the same.
TYSON KOBIE: Could you really?
MARCUS MAJOR: No doubt. I mean ... Tyson fuckiní Kobie.
TYSON KOBIE: Still my man, your about to set that couch on fire.
MARCUS MAJOR: *laughs* The whole building is going to burn down if we stay in here too much longer.
TYSON KOBIE: And you know this. So whatís up with you today? Howís everything going?
MARCUS MAJOR: Shit man, I canít call it either way. Everything has been happening so fast the last few days Iíve barely had the chance to stop and wrap my head around it all.
TYSON KOBIE: So this is your first photo shoot?
MARCUS MAJOR: My first nude photo shoot. Trust your boy has been in front of the camera before.
TYSON KOBIE: I can ONLY imagine.
MARCUS MAJOR: *laughs* Nothing like that. Iíve taken a lot of headshots and stuff like that.
TYSON KOBIE: Your making it too easy.
MARCUS MAJOR: What? OH! Head shots ... ok. *laughs* Let me find out you got jokes.
TYSON KOBIE: Iím full of them. Tell me more though.
MARCUS MAJOR: Well, Iím an aspiring actor.
TYSON KOBIE: For real?
MARCUS MAJOR: Yeah. I just finished the move out to Los Angeles to really pursue my career.
TYSON KOBIE: So this is just a stop on the Marc Major Express to the Silver Screen?
MARCUS MAJOR: I hope so! I mean, donít even get me wrong, I LOVED this particular experience because it allowed me to really share myself ...

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