This 20 - year old blatino thug is definitely a man of ?Flava? Lex has the looks, the body and an undeniable sexiness that will captivate you.

Physically, sexy Lex is what I would call an ?IDEAL DATE?. At 5?11? weighing 175lbs he has a well - defined and toned body. Another thing that makes my knees weak and my dick jump are his eyes. If you allow him to stare at you long enough, your clothes will be off and you won?t even notice. Lex?s eyes are hypnotic and seducing, which he always uses to his advantage.

Now let?s get to da real bizzness. I?ve had the pleasure of meeting Lex on the set of his photo shoot and to be honest his pictures don?t do enough justice. This sexy black/latino thug had my mouth watering. I was just imagining how it would feel to have his thick caramel dick in my mouth or to have him sit on my face and spread his thick, round and firm ass cheeks as I eat him out. This top knows how to please both men and women and is a total freak, yall need to check him out.

PRETTYBOY: So lex what?s da deal with you?
LEX: I?m chillin youngin what bout you?
PRETTYBOY: Well the spotlight is on you babyboy so let?s get down to business, you kewl with that?
LEX: Yeah I?m kewl with that [laughs].
PRETTYBOY: So I understand that you are from Philly, how long have you been living there?
LEX: Shit dawgz all my life.
PRETTYBOY: So besides being one of the tightest models of Flava Men what are you doing nowadays?
LEX: Working my ass ? off. Actually I?m working on this gig but I can?t get into all of that. I?ll just say it?s in the entertainment industry.
PRETTYBOY: So what aspect of the entertainment industry are you tryin to get into?
LEX: Like I said I gotta keep that under wraps for now.
PRETTYBOY: I can respect that sexy Lex.
LEX: [winks] Aah so you think I?m sexy huh?
PRETTYBOY: Fasho baby
LEX: So what you gonna do about it? [grabbing his dick].
PRETTYBOY: How bout we continue with the interview.
LEX: Iight Prettyboy.
PRETTYBOY: How did you feel about your photoshoot?
LEX: The pictures came out hot as hell did you like them?

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