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If you?re into reality websites, then you?ll definitely love this one. is the only live 24/7 black gay site which features hot, sexy and freaky models. They have over 8 cameras throughout the whole dorm, from the living room to the shower. One of the best and more popular features is the cameras with sound and cameras the customer controls. That?s right, I had fun moving the camera around the dorm as the boys did their thang. Another one of my favorite features is the live video chat, allowing members to text chat with each other and any member with a web cam can video chat live with the boys from the dorm and other members. The CocoDorm has around fi ve sexy black guys that do several solo and group sex shows daily. They change up the models about every month and allow the boys to bring in guests for special ?after the club? fuck shows. Lots of photos of the models and a huge archive video section of past group shows. This site is off da hook!

This is the perfect site for those of you that love interracial, bareback, couple or group sex. Mixitupboy offers phyne models with lots of photos and videos. You also have a great variety of sections to choose from couples, groups, bareback and interracial. To add on to the already exciting features the site offers some hot stories as well as free access to the personals and you also have the opportunity to purchase items and movies from their online store. You can have all this with just one click. Best of all, this site has no solos, only lots of fucking & sucking!

Thugs are to us like women are to men, can?t live with? em can?t live without? em. We have to admit that we all need one in our lives that?s why I subscribed to this site. It?s just what I needed, I can have any thug I want at my disposal and I?m in total control. The features are incredible and there are so many thugs to choose from. I can pick from the wide variety of dime pieces and check out their photoshoots and videos. The stories on the site are used solely for my late-night jack of sessions (shhh don?t tell). Lots of models, photos, videos and live thug video chat. Plus, was the 2003 Cybersocket Best Ethnic Themed Website Award Winner.