Yo, this is ya boy Danger Zone settin’ it off wit ma man Schann, the sexy young hottie from Miami, Florida currently scorchin’ the pages of this year’s Flava Men summer issue wit his stunning 5’11” muscular frame and mighty nine inches of dick. His shit is just how I like ‘em too; long and fat wit a rough imperfectly circumcised head. Home boy dazzled our crew wit his charm and charisma, treatin’ us to a spectacular display of sensual manhood while he jacked his tantalizin’ pecan tanned magic stick into an eventual hot thick milky climax.

I had never met Schann before the day of his photo shoot. Most of the time I’m actually too busy runnin’ around to really get into somebody’s entire shoot. Them shits can go on for hours, so I usually time it to be there at the best part, the end. But Schann had me open from the minute I peeked in on him, and I ended up stayin’ there, studyin’ his sexy ass the whole time. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the tight waves and side burns, the naturally flat abs, the twin tatts just above both his biceps and the pretty brownish pink mushroom head of his dick that was the exact same color as his sexy ass full brownish pink lips. All that shit really turned me on, but I was truly sprung when I got a glimpse of his dreamy maple brown eyes. Then when he turned around, I saw his firm dirt brown booty gleamin’ wit perspiration and I was caught up in grip of lust at first sight.

He still had nut drippin’ from his dick when he told me he’d be out to talk after he got a shower. You just don’t know how bad I wanted to ask him if he needed any help.

DANGER ZONE: Yo fam, that shit was hot to death! You did your thing son, for real.
SCHANN: Thanks, bruh. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
DANGER ZONE: Shit, you got me so fucked up, I don’t even know where to start… Okay. Where in the hell did they find you?
SCHANN: On the basketball court. I was shootin’ hoops wit a couple of ma boys and ya man Breion Diamond approached me one day, as were leavin’. I thought he was bullshitin’ at first. But he brought me out to his crib and showed me what was up. He ended up talkin’ me into it. Dude got a phat crib too. He really gettin’ paid in this shit. I ain’t know he was a star like that when I first met ‘em.
DANGER ZONE: Yeah, he one of the hottest in the game right now. So do you see yourself becomin’ a big porn star like Breion?

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