PM Dawn

Itís your boy Domino Star chatting it up with another hot Coco Dorm mega star that has all the boys in the dorm just hot. Itís the king of jungle PM Dawn who can get me in the PM, AM, before and after Dawn. This sexy brother with a black naturally uncut dick swinging nine inches of pleasure is a promising star at CocoDorm. com and is one of the reasons Miami is so hot right now. We are so lucky and really excited to have this West Coast native cum all up on all the hot bottoms in the dorm. Standing six foot tall and 165lbs this 22 year old is no stranger to banging out the back of a willing bottom. I had the chance to sit on, I mean sit down with PM Dawn right before his sexy photo shoot.

DOMINO STAR: First off let me tell you what a BIG treat it is to have you do this interview with me with that beautiful dick just hanging right here in my face.
PM DAWN: *laughs* Well you requested to do the interview before my shoot.
DOMINO STAR: Oh no! Please donít think I am complaining. If anything I would want you to cum closer.
PM DAWN: How about you come closer.
DOMINO STAR: *laughs* Oh I will cum everywhere.
PM DAWN: Letís just see about that, make this interview quick sexy and I will see how much you will cum.
DOMINO STAR: So how did you get hooked up with your new address at CocoDorm?
PM DAWN: Well funny thing is I wanted to actually better myself and suck big dick on the side. I am top who is obsessed with sucking big dick.
DOMINO STAR: So you would consider yourself a top, would you ever consider getting fucked?
PM DAWN: You are not the first to ask me that and so far in this business I would say never say never. A year ago I said I wouldnít do a lot of things, but now if you are attractive I am down.
DOMINO STAR: So whatís your type?
PM DAWN: Other than you?
DOMINO STAR: Yes other than me! Wait did your dick just jump?
PM DAWN: It likes what it sees.

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