Named after what he's been known for on the football field since college, Miami native Danger is a hulking bulk of testosterone-filled chocolate bar with a sensitive side (his favorite film: The Color Purple) who makes the ladies sit up and take notice - or lie down and take their medicine. From the smoky eyes and kissable lips on down, taking this beefcake in one slice at a time is a sweat-streaked joy - and when spotted at a firehouse chatting with a buddy, it was obvious right away that here was a man who'd be appreciated naked and in print.

The romancer and lover of women - who's also participated in a 12-person orgy, and made love up against the wall of a ship during a hurricane - claims one of his favorite hobbies as "making money"... and, ultimately, the paycheck is what made him pose for us. Even so, the ex-footballer is a natural, at ease in front of the camera and even more at ease butt-ass naked. Up, off, and out in under thirty minutes, Danger admitted - while still dressing - that the experience was one he enjoyed better than he'd thought possible.

DANGER: Yeah, it was hot. I was surprised; usually when I beat my own meat, it sometimes takes me a good hour to even get hard. This was cool.
BREION: You really seemed into it, that's for sure.
DANGER: I was, man. It was the hottest I've ever been, just being all by myself

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