Letters to the Editor

Dear FlavaMen,

My name is William E Hawkins, a 21 year old gay black male living in Philadelphia, PA. When it comes to being gay, I am out of the closet to family members and 2 of my closest friends. Currently, I am a security guard and I still live at home with my mother and others. Once again, they all know about me. Anyway, I am writing to let you guys know I absolutely love your magazine, FlavaMen. Recently I went down to a local gay and lesbian bookstore called Giovannie?s Room and I just purchased your Fall 2005 issue. The cover features the fine brother who calls himself Ruff Ryder, a fellow Philadelphia native. I mean, I thought this brother was so fine that I found myself masturbating at least 8 times a day ? off of him alone.

Other models that I enjoyed and still do enjoy in this issue are other natives of Philadelphia, Tyrice Wood and Amir. I especially love Amir because he is short, buff and dark skinned. You see, I am versatile and I honestly would not mind being a complete bottom for Amir. I mean, I understand that Amir is strictly a bottom but I would throw this boy pussy on him so good that I guarantee he would become either versatile or a top. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I first found out about you guys in late 2004. What happened was, a then friend of mine said ?Will, Banjee and Black Inches are gonna have some competition.? I was like ?what?? He said, ?I was at the bookstore and saw this new magazine coming out with their premiere issue. They are going to call it ?FlavaMen?. I was like, ?Child, please don?t lie.? Well it was true. Ever since then, I have been going back and forth to the bookstore getting your magazines.

You might not believe me but I?m actually considering posing nude because,1) God created us all bucked naked and 2) the Black Body is a work of art. It is beautiful, as a matter of fact, I am currently working to improve my appearance. I am pretty much tired of people taking me as a joke. In a way, I pretty much do agree with them but not completely. You see, a lot of people mistake me for some scared nut because of the way I dress. Not only am I a security guard that dress like and innocent school boy after work but I also talk really proper and they (people) think that I am a geek. Well, I am not changing for them but I am changing for me, myself and I. I mean, people are making fun of the things that I already was planning on changing. Man, are they gonna be sorry?! Anyway, I?m currently working more on my appearance and you should receive some beautiful naked portraits of myself. If the good Lord is willing, you should receive them in late January of 2006 to mid- February of the same year. I am not conceded but I am convinced. Trust me. You guys are going to be blown away. I am talking a buff body, piercings, an extremely hairy chest, tattoos and so much more. I am also looking for a name. Ya know, an alias. I was thinking ?the Incredible Hulk? and ?Kill Bill?. Only time will tell. In the meantime, not only will I keep going to the bookstore, I will keep in touch. Remember, look out for my pictures in January or Mid February of 2006. I will keep writing with every new issue I get.

William Hawkins

P.S. A girlfriend of mine went to school with Philly native, Rizzo.

Dear Chico,

I?ve seen you in FlavaMen Winter 2005-06 and I love your body. Brotha, you got game and keep up the good work. Chico can you please write back to me? I love your looks. My sexual orientation is bi-sexual. I love pussy but a brotha like you will be fine to fuck with. Please write back to me. I?ll tell you more about me if you write back to me.

I used to subscribe to a different magazine, but I am going to subscribe to FlavaMen from now on!

Thank you,

We will forward your letter to Chico. - FlavaMen

Dear FlavaMen,

Your magazine is what I live for. Your Fall issue was off the chain and kept me blowing my load almost every day. These drothas is goddamn phine. I would wanna get with these guys Tyrice and Amir for a threesome shit; Ruff Ryder for a good thugged out butt fukkin? this brother has all the assets in the right places.

I also think that you should do an interview with Devin I need to see this suave, smooth and sexy brotha displaying what the goooood lawd made him with. I am sure that just seeing him nakked I will cummmm with touching my manhood.

I must compliment you on your drop dead gorgeous Calender for 2006. The month of June is my favourite month with Mr. Big. I have cummm so many times with him and I constantly keep turning to June just to fulfill my fantasy. Philly is surely the city of brotherly love and has some phine ass niggas. Keep up the good work.