My faithful readers I proudly present to you Body! This Hot Ebony Adonis allowed me to take some time out of his busy schedule so that you can see the man behind that gorgeous frame.

Sayvion: Good to see you once again Body, how have you been?
BODY: I been cool yo, good to see you too.
Sayvion: I got to admit, you look even sexier without your dreads. No offense to you though.
BODY: No offense taken at all baby, you cool with me.
Sayvion:Why did you cut them off?
BODY: No major reason yo, I just wanted a change.
Sayvion: So my first question is, and I?m sure our readers would like to know this as well, how in the world do you keep your body in such perfect condition?
BODY: (Laughter), I?m on a strict diet and workout regimen.
Sayvion: Can you give our readers some tips?
BODY: Personally I?m a big advocate of proteins and carbohydrates, can?t get enough of them. But as far as a workout regimen, from my experiences I learned that everyone?s body is different, so you need to find out what works for you and stick to it. Consistency is the key.
Sayvion: Spoken like a true expert.
BODY: Thanks baby.
Sayvion: So how do you feel about your shoot for the magazine?
BODY: No complaints here, I?m no where near camera shy and I?m very comfortable with showing my body.
Sayvion:And you should be very comfortable, correct me if I?m wrong but you are an exotic dancer as well?

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