Tu Tigeraso and Willie Grays

Elmo Jackson here, this time coming at y’all from beautiful Santo Domingo where I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the hottest papis on the planet and exclusive models with Papicock.com, Tu Tigueraso and Willie Grays. Both of them just turned 21 with Tu Tigueraso providing the 5’5”, 130 pound top with 7” of uncut dick for the 5’6”, 135 pound smooth bubble butt bottom boy that is Willie Grays. The raw chemistry between these two was evident from the second I walked through the door and when I got the chance to sit down with them I found out why. I also got to test my limited Spanish. Much love to Carlos Ramierez for translating what I couldn’t.

ELMO JACKSON: You two aren’t lovers are you?
WILLIE GRAYS: *laughs*
WILLIE GRAYS: Él preguntó si éramos amantes? [He asked if we we’re lovers?]
TU TIGUERASO: *laughs* No...not lovers.
WILLIE GRAYS: He’s just a sexy chulo.
ELMO JACKSON: I was just wondering because you guys look real passionate.
TU TIGUERASO: Ah si...si....I request to do video with him.
ELMO JACKSON: Really? Why with him?
WILLIE GRAYS: Por qué usted pidió hacer una demostración conmigo? [Why did you ask for a show with me?]
TU TIGUERASO: OH! Because he is so cute. Very pretty culo...so tight and so round. Feels good on my pinga.
ELMO JACKSON: What did you say when he asked you?
WILLIE GRAYS: I just asked him when. I mean....look at him. Would you say no?
ELMO JACKSON: Hell nah. So how was it?
WILLIE GRAYS: Ay dios mio! He fucks SO HARD!

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