Onyx D, OPP and RT

What do ya get when you take three hot and horny dudes - two brothas and one seriously thugged-out Latino - and take them from their day job doing construction (where each has to live their day acting straighter than a ruler, in front of all those bulging muscles and even more bulging jeans)... then put them in a room, and ask them to show you how the guys really play when the prying eyes are away.

And you got one hell of sexual free-for-all from OPP, Onyx D and RT - three of the most sexdriven dudes this magazine has ever seen. Half the time the cameras couldn't even keep up with this trio, settling for chasing them around the room as the sucking and fucking began as soon as the brothas was nude.

OPP - the biggest, baddest and bulkiest of the three - had the most control, ordering the other dudes around and making Onxy in particular swallow his rod until ya thought Onxy D's cheeks were going to explode. That big bad bro dominated the room in general, da man in charge like he was running the cellblock and these was his bitches... but even the baddest bro can change things up, and when he began eating out RT's hot Latin ass, it was all ya could do to keep from whipping it out yourself.

After the psycho-sexual workout, the three dudes collapsed onto the couch. After tossing them each a towel, I had to ask how the shoot went for them (‘cause from my standpoint, it was fuckin' SWEET).

OPP: These thugs are raw, man! I can't remember ever gettin' into a threesome like that before!
ROMEO ST JAMES: You don't like threesomes usually?
OPP: Uh-uh. Normally I like one on one. More sensual.
RT: Well shit, bro - you wouldn't know it after that workout. I don't know what's killin' me more - my legs or my mouth.
OPP: Both got stretched out that bad, huh?

RT smacks OPP with his towel

ONYX D: For real, let's talk about what go stretched, my brothas...
ROMEO ST JAMES: You complaining, man?

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