This month’s boi-wit’-the-staple-in-his-belly – pretty-boy thug Axl – grew up a clean-cut kid in Virginia who always had a dirty little boy hiding inside.

“I knew I was addicted to sex from a very early age,” he says, no shame in his game. “I was fooling around with kissing and other oral stuff with this girl next door when we were ten years old. By fifteen I was already sneaking into the one adult bookstore I had to take a long bus ride to get to, using a fake I.D. just to peek through the magazines, looking at those titties, and then work my way to the booths in the back – where tha action there freaked me out so bad, I stopped going after the second time.”

Axl’s light skin and pretty-boy face- mixed with the masculinity that pours off of him like cologne – got tha fine brotha hit on a lot when he started hitting the bars – especially from a lot of older women who wanted to pay him for the favor – but the biracial brotha knew what he wanted from tha beginning, and wouldn’t settle for less:

“I was attracted to Black and Latin girls only, at first; especially Latinas, probably because they looked so much like that girl next door. Don’t get me wrong – I could see myself getting into the older women, if they were the RIGHT older women … but being offered money for sex pissed me off; I backed off that shit FAST. I mean, I admit to being a sexaholic, f’real - but shit, if you’re trying to kick it with a someone you really attracted to, try to get him with your looks or personality – don’t insult him by breakin’ out the wallet! “

A Black Prides event he attended with a friend led Axl to apply for the magazine – and no one was more shocked than Axl when he got called to pose.

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