Good Lord, do good things come in small packages or what? We found this incredible hunk in Brazil, surfing the warm waters and working on his tan (though the dude is already golden brown by birth, so what work is needed we can?t spot). Johnathan proved himself to be warm, friendly, and up for a photo shoot BIG TIME ? turns out the boy spends so much time at the beach, he?s gotten used to wearing as little clothing as necessary.

Just our kind of man.

I spoke with Johnathan through a hot-as-hell 18-year old interpreter (who we?re working on getting for a possible future issue), the day after his photo shoot, to find out what makes this hunk of prime Brazilian beef tick.

CHINO: Did you find it hard growing up gay in Brazil?
JOHNATHAN: Well, for me it was because my family is very religious. I could never tell my mother or father, not even to this day. I grew up in Sao Paulo, in a family where my father was a very prominent businessman. When I was eighteen I changed my name and moved to Rio; things have been much easier since. I am happier.
CHINO: And you?ve known all your life you liked men?

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