Baby Boy and Columbia

A sweet, sexy, soulful kiss was only the beginning when we put the experienced Baby Boy with new kid on da block Columbia and the cameras began to role. Baby Boy who can play dominant topman or submissive bottom boi with tha same passion took control of the situation here, and the braided bottom brotha Columbia was glad to be along for tha ride. Tha bois went hard and heavy for well over an hour, sweating up themselves and tha cameras, and things got so hot and heavy that afterward only Baby Boy could be grabbed long enough for a quick sit-down conversation. He talked first about much he enjoyed his photoshoot with the sexy (and sex-starved) Columbia but admitted that, from the beginning, its all come natural to him:

BABY BOY: I was going through a bad breakup with my first serious gay relationship, and was out to get him back when I first worked for you guys. Id come to do a magazine shoot, but also ended up doing a scene in a movie and was really surprised by how comfortable I was with the videographer.
BREION: So you always been cool with it.
BABY BOY: Yeah, I guess so. I grew up around mostly women my pops wasnt around and I think thats what developed my interest in men. I started liking men when I was about 17 or 18, and just never felt the need to hide anything. Im an open book.
BREION: So then working with Columbia was just a job? I know you can be one hell of a hot bottom so was this photo-shoot different for ya?

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