Baby Star

This Heavenly Body comes to us straight out of Newalla, Oklahoma or as he puts it ďNowhere, OKĒ. Donít let the small town upbringing fool you though, Baby Star is a twenty-one year old Gemini with an 8Ē cut dick and two big huge satellites orbiting his pretty pink hole, in other words heís got a banginí backside. Forever with a smile on his face and the sexiest set of lips to ever come out of the mid-west, I got to sit down with Star right after he set out studio ablaze to give you a taste of what you can expect from the newest FlavaMen.

TYSON KOBIE: So since when did they start makingí them like you in Oklahoma?
BABY STAR: I donít know *laughs* but we out there. You just have to find us.
TYSON KOBIE: Like finding a sexy needle in a haystack?
BABY STAR: Yea it really is. Not a lot of good looking guys in Oklahoma but when you find them, they are hella sexy.
TYSON KOBIE: You have a sexy look about you, what are you mixed with?
BABY STAR: Iím Black, White and Puerto Rican.
TYSON KOBIE: Thatís whatís up. So what brings you to the FlavaMen?
BABY STAR: Really I just want to try something new. I like sex and I want to be a model so why not do porn? *laughs* So I looked up some porn sites and saw FlavaMen and ... here I am.
TYSON KOBIE: Thatís whatís up. So tell us about that appetite. How do you get down?
BABY STAR: Iím a versatile bottom I like getting fucked ... it feels mad good *laughs* and what makes it even better is when the top has a big ass. That shit is so sexy to me. Thatís what makes me versatile, because I love ass too. Give me a dude with a sexy ass and I will eat it all day.
TYSON KOBIE: A bottom that likes a phat ass? You gotta explain that one a little.

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