Xavier Vega

Xavier Vega is a picture of pure Latino perfection. This 26 year old cutie is new to the business, but don’t let his inexperience fool you. This bi-sexual native of Evanston, IL stands at 5’11” and weighs 135 pounds. He’s got the cutest booty you ever did see and a pretty 9” uncut cock. He loves to fuck, but says that one day getting topped may not be out of the question.....

EUFEIMEO: Damn dude...your sexy as shit.
XAVIER: I could say the same about you.
EUFEIMEO: Well I try to keep it cute, but you got it going the fuck on.
XAVIER: *laughs* Thanks.
EUFEIMEO: So how long have you been doing porn?
XAVIER: Not long really. I think maybe.....about five months or so.
EUFEIMEO: Really? That’s not a long time. How did you get started?
XAVIER: Actually I had a couple of friends that modeled for the dorm and I wanted to know what it was about. Then somebody showed me some videos and I was sold. I went online to Cocodorm and put in an application.
EUFEIMEO: Now here you are.
XAVIER: Here I am.
EUFEIMEO: Anyone in particular that you want to work with?
EUFEIMEO: *laughs* We can maybe arrange that...if you play your cards right.
XAVIER: Then just call me The Gambler. I know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold em, but I’ll never walk away till the pot is mine.
EUFEIMEO: You know, if I played poker that would’ve been SO SEXY.
XAVIER: *laughs*
EUFEIMEO: Anyone else you want to work with?
XAVIER: Um.....I’d have to say Willie Grays.
EUFEIMEO: From Papicock.com right?
EUFEIMEO: Why him?

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