King Dingo

Tyson Kobie coming to you once again, this time from Lakeland, Florida on my way to visit Flava Works newest Latin sensation King Dingo. For those who donít know, imagine six foot four inches and one hundred eighty-four pounds of rock hard, Latino muscle wrapped in smooth caramel skin with more than ten tattoos and a SUPER thick 11.5Ē cut dick thatís ready and willing to fuck anything thrown at it and youíve got King Dingo. I got the chance to talk to Dingo right after he was done showing Baby Star just why they call him The King.

TYSON KOBIE: King gotta tell me about the name first of all.
KING DINGO: Well....not really much to tell. King Ding-a-ling sounded a bit childish.
TYSON KOBIE: Thatís true. So what was it that got you doing porn in the first place?
KING DINGO: Well, my brother and I were just out in the mall one afternoon and this guy walked up to us. After giving us his card, he stated that he really wanted us to come work for him. After this, that, and the third the end result was more my brothers decision than mine.
TYSON KOBIE: Why is that?
KING DINGO: Well, he wanted both of us because weíre twins and he was doing this ...twins flick or something. I didnít really care either way to tell you the truth, so I left it up to my brother to make the decision for us both.
TYSON KOBIE: And the rest is history?
KING DINGO: The rest is history.
TYSON KOBIE: So have you and your brother ever worked together?
KING DINGO: Yeah, weíve been in the same films together....I think I remember us even doing a three-way scene together at one point.
TYSON KOBIE: What about in a scene with just the two of you.
KING DINGO: Yeah, weíve done that. Jerking off though. Not like....real sex.
TYSON KOBIE: That would be hot.
KING DINGO: Naaaaaaaah........I donít think so. It would be too weird trying to get dirty with my own brother.
TYSON KOBIE: Well who would you really like to do a scene with.
KING DINGO: *thinks* If I could pick anyone, I want to top Breion Diamond.
TYSON KOBIE: WHOA! I donít think thatís EVER happened.
KING DINGO: I know, but it needs to...Breion has that perfect flip flop booty and I seen a few times where he gets busy on the dick....maybe we should start calling him Jabber Jaws.

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