Breion and Prophet

Like even a crowbar could pry these two apart ?

From the word ?Action? Breion and Prophet were so into each other it was hard to break their concentration long enough to have them actually pose. Friends for a few years and with nearly 20 inches of cock between them, this horny duo has played the fuck buddy game before. But for the camera, it was a whole new story.

?Man, this is fucking hot,? Breion muttered as Prophet started kissing on him, the two guys making out and getting even more turned on with a camera tracking their every move. Prophet, one of the cutest boys to ever grace a magazine, was all into it, and even teased Breion about his unsuspecting girlfriend in another state, while the two brothas went at it like animals on a National Geographic special.

Afterward, the two buddies sat down for a talk with us about their ?friendship?.

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