We found Sonic at a stoplight – after getting his car bumped from behind by a pretty little female with a blonde weave, who was almost crying ‘cause she’d hit him. As I pulled over to the curb in my own car to watch, I saw Sonic jump outta his Mustang pissed as hell when he got hit … but he calmed down right away so that the little lady who bumped him wouldn’t go more to pieces than she already had. It was a minor bump in a quiet south Florida neighborhood, no bloodshed and even less drama, and after they’d swapped their info – and Sonic had told this gal, for like the 800th time, that everything was cool and he wasn’t gonna sue her – I got outta my car right as she was pulling away, getting together tha balls myself to approach this fine, dreamy-eyed brotha.

I told him who I was and that I wanted to get him into a magazine as a model – and when he got done laughin’ and realized I was serious, we set up a date for him to come in and strut his stuff. I knew we had a good find in Sonic when he came in that day all upbeat and funny as hell, relaxed and laidback about the whole gettin’-naked thang … but when the clothes came off this creamy bar of chocolate and Sonic displayed that 10-inch snake between his legs – man, it was like Christmas day.

So what better to have in tha Winter issue than an early Christmas present like this – a super-Sonic dude with his head on straight and with his dick just curved enough to bring a squeal and a sigh to any ass it enters. After his photo-shoot – on a set that reminded me all too well of how I met this fine brotha – Sonic came clean about why he was so patient and kind to tha lady who’d rear-ended him.

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