Jakari and Sensai

Two brothas - together, one hell of a hot caramel-and-dark-chocolate mix - with 18 inches of rock-hard black cock between them, were put together in front of the cameras and just told to do what comes naturally; no strings, no pressure, whatever.

You could feel the temperature shoot up in the room when the kissing started - aggressive Jakari sucking Sensai's lips into his own, the two sharing spit and inhaling each other's mouths like there was no one else in the room. The pics kind of give you an idea of what went on from there, and with these two sex-starved, lean homeboys attacking each other like a free lunch, FlavaMen felt privileged to capture it all on film.

Afterward, when nearly everyone on the damned set had taken a cold shower just to cool the fuck off, I sat these fine-ass brothas down for a chat, starting off with Jakari and his style of kissing that could melt lead faster than Superman can fly.

JAKARI: Fuck, I love to kiss. To me, that's one notch just below screwing - kissing on a hot guy who knows how to tongue your mouth back. And this little thug here (pats and squeezes Sensai's thigh), man this baby know how to KISS, for real!
SENSAI: Uh-uh, my man - don't get me going again.
JAKARI: But yeah, I love kissing. My tongue dancing in a hot brotha's mouth. Body kissing. Frenching a tight, hot asshole. Am all about the oral baby, and I know how to do it right, too!
VITO: (to Sensai): Does he?
SENSAI: Hoo-yeah.
VITO: Well, the kissing was something else, my brothas, for real; I thought the film was gonna melt in the cameras.
SENSAI: Yeah, it got kinda wild.
JAKARI: (to Sensai, squeezing his thigh again) The student teaches the master, huh? (SENSAI laughs)
VITO: Private joke?
SENSAI: It's my name, man. Comes from the Japanese word "sensei" which means teacher... or master.
VITO: You're mixed?
SENSAI: I got a few races in me, yeah.
JAKARI: I know something else you had in your recently, too.
VITO: (to Jakari) DANG, dude, your like the Energizer bunny! You just keep on going... and going...
JAKARI: Damn straight!
VITO: Which brings me to another point - you're both bisexual, huh?
SENSAI: I prefer men, but can go both ways.
JAKARI: That's a typo, man - I'm trisexual.
VITO: Trisexual?
JAKARI: Yeah. I'll try it with anyone. Anything. Once, at least, and if it feels good - will try it again.
VITO: Man, you are focused, aren't ya?
JAKARI: You know a better hobby?

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