Baby Boy

Getting carded almost everywhere he goes is a normal thing for this prettyboy. Baby Boy suits his image but this is no kid. The 18 year old Gemini is just what the doctor ordered when calling for seduction. The boyish looks will blow your mind once you come face to face with the bulge in his shorts. Standing 5?8? and weighing 145 pounds, Baby Boy carries more than 9.5? of dick that could cure anyone?s ailments.

Baby Boy is one athletic that loves it all. From basketball to football, track to baseball, he?s the jack of all trades. The innocent looks only add to the many assets this sexual firecracker possesses. A man like that can only promise a favorable return.

PASSION PRESTIGE: Baby Boy, I would like to welcome you to FlavaMen. You have been with the FlavaMen family for only three months. How did you become one of our models?
BABY BOY: I started off wanting to do professional modeling. But because I am too short, I knew I didn?t have a shot at it. So, one day I was being nosy on the web I found an application to become a FlavaMen model. I filled it out and I got a call back.
PASSION PRESTIGE: Well congratulations bro. Since becoming one of the newest FlavaMen models, what have you been up to?
BABY BOY: I have been doing promotions in Houston and St. Louis. It was really fun going around to the different cities and promoting the magazine. Now that I am in the magazine, I can?t wait to sign my own picture, instead of signing the cover.

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