Lil CT

The Windy City blew this young buck into our line of sight via a Black Pride event. Lil CT asked about modeling for FlavaMen with a serious face and the attitude of a businessman making an important deal. We were impressed with how professional the little brother was - but what really turned us on was tha little (the first thing ya notice about this dude is that he's only 5'3") brotha's pretty-boy face and eyes... and the nearly 8-inch uncut piece of medium-brown sausage swinging between his legs - already hard, even at the event (turns out, tha dude can get hard in a nano-second)!

Lil CT has the kind of eyes that bore through you - there's both a brain and some sensitivity behind them - and tha versatile dude seems like a deep sort of soul for someone only 20 years old. After his shoot, he sat down to talk and yeah - you can tell tha brotha is deep.

SAUKEI: I watched your photoshoot. Brotha, that was intense!
LIL CT: Sex is intense for me. Maybe because I was only twelve when I did it for the first time. But I was always kind of on the small side, even as a kid. Small in height, anyway - but my dick was a different story. I remember me and a bunch of kids comparing ours, maybe when I was eight years old or so. Five of us standing around in a circle, showing our meat to compare. The other guys were in awe of the size of mine - and it only got bigger because I got hard looking at theirs. I knew I liked dick even when I was eight.
SAUKEI: Wow. Wish I'd known you then, brother!
LIL CT: (grins for tha first time since I met him) Yeah, that might have been fun.
SAUKEI: You is cute, no doubt. But back to business - you got a sensitive dick, huh?
LIL CT: Yeh. Especially for brothas. Black men - young or old, thick or thin, thug or slick - brothas turn me on, and always have. But especially smart guys. Show me you got some intelligence, and I am so turned on I can't breathe.
SAUKEI: And you been like this since growin' up?

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