Ricardo Guerrerio

I took a basic art class in high school thinking it’d be an easy “A” (somethin’ this dude badly needed, at that time) – and on tha first damn day of class Mrs. Flescher (we called her Mrs. Flesheater) snapped me to reality by sayin’ first off what I thought was some pretty lame shit: “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” Personally, I knew right then that this old bat was nuts, and it all went downhill from there; my “D+” proved that by the end of the semester.

But when, on a trip to Brazil, this medium-height, built and handsome-as-all-get out Portuguese dude strutted into our offices, looking all shy and barely able to get his shirt off for us to take a peek – da boi was that shy – I finally kinda got what old Ms. Flesheater meant by what she said. Ricardo Guerrerio. Ricardo’s body is a work of art, and not to use a feminine term but in person tha man just brings tha word “beautiful” to your mind. Tha boi’s a work of art from head to toe on his own – without the tatts – but Ricardo’s also turned his body into a canvas worth exploring … visually, through touch and taste – you name it. This brotha all but begged to sit in on the photo session after Ricardo had signed up for tha program – and afterward, I got the bigger blessing of curlin’ up on a couch with this Brazilian boy-toy for a chat (through an interpreter) about the man behind tha smile … and all them tattoos.

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