Better at putting out fires, or causing them? You decide, as this former minor league baseball player ? who, after a leg injury, now fights fires for a living ? gives you a peek at his incredible hose from his own place in Miami. Having recently dumped a cheating girlfriend, the straight Cuban/Dominican Florida resident was all too happy to show off what she was missing ? and what some other lucky females could latch onto ? by gracing the pages of our magazine.

But it wasn?t always that way for the handsome young bodybuilder, who grew up a fat kid in Liberty City, a low income section of Miami. When he hit his teenage years and began to notice girls, Joe realized they weren?t noticing him because of all the excess weight ? which he dropped in less than a year. By sixteen the Latin hunk was not only getting hit on left and right by the women ? but now men were eyeing him, as well.

That was how I found Joe ? in a local magazine, his body gracing an ad for a Miami Beach gym. And even though he was wearing only a towel in the ad, it was the face that struck me, the face and those piercing black eyes; pure, smoldering machismo. I tracked him down and approached him about posing, but he turned down the offer flat ? worried, mostly, about it affecting his job. But two weeks later, the beefy Latin firefighter called me back, admitting a curiosity about modeling in the nude.

Turns out, Joe has curiosities about a lot of things, as I learned just minutes after his shoot ? which had him shooting, literally, all over his own bed.

BABY BOY: Man, you come a lot.
JOE: Always. I get too excited, I guess.
BABY BOY: No, man it?s a cool thing. I just can?t figure out why any girl would be dumb enough to cheat on you.

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