Video Reviews

Dorm Life 5

RUNNING TIME: 2 hrs 06 min
TYPE: Black, Multiple Partners, Threesome, Oral, Facials, Condoms, Rimming
STARS: Sexy Hustlah, Lance, Storm, Markell, Pinky, Khaos, Peanut, Prince, Pimp, Platinum, Maliki, Krave, Prettyboy, Mista B, Shorty J, Tae, Scorpio, Phantom, Shiri, Adrian, Fine Charles, Vito
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

The DORM LIFE series always seems to improve itself with each volume. Dorm Life 5 continues this trend with a record 22 Cocoboyz, including some of the hottest newcomers in 6 scorching scenes. The opening scene features Prince, Khaos, Pinky and Peanut. Peanut and Pinky are kissing passionately on the bed at the start of the scene. Peanut whips Pinky?s dick out and starts giving it a tongue-lashing and Pinky begins to suck on Khaos? big balls and fat dick. Prince and Khaos arrive and undress as they watch Peanut choke on Pinky?s dick. Pinky rams his dick inside Peanut in doggy style, while Khaos and Prince kiss. Prince slides on top of Khaos?s dick, just as Peanut does the same to Pinky?s dick. Then, Prince begins to suck on Pinky?s dick while Peanut slides inside of Khaos in doggy. The best part of this scene has to be the hot three-dick chain that Pinky, Peanut and Khaos form. Peanut leaves a thick facial on Pinky and the others nut on themselves. The creamy facial was an excellent ending to this steamy opening scene.

The second scene opens with the Shorty J, Tae, Krave, Markell, Mista B, and Shiri in the kitchen slowly disrobing one another. After some sensual kissing, they begin to suck each other?s dicks. Shiri takes the prize for getting two big dicks in his mouth at the same time . After sucking him off, Shiri?s ass sucks up Mista B?s dick in mish and doggy, just as Shorty J sucks on Mista B?s balls. Shorty J gets in on the action and slides his fat monster in Shiri and then in Tae. Shorty J slides into Shiri once more in doggy. It?s so erotic to see Shorty J?s big balls slap the cup of Shiri?s ass. Krave gets into Markell in a sexy ?legs in the air? missionary. When Krave slides out of Markell, we get a glimpse of Markell?s gaping asshole. Markell and Shiri put their asses together, facing upward so that the rest of the guys can take turns fucking both of them. Tae, Krave, and Shorty J all take advantage of them in this position. Mista B is the first to bust a large nut on Shiri?s ass. Shorty J?s beautiful uncut dick explodes a thick load all over Shiri?s ass. Krave and Tae also shoot a creamy load on Shiri?s booty cheeks. Markell unloads a thick glob of cum on Tae?s tongue and lips.

Scene three is a threesome starring Phantom, Scorpio and Vito. After a delicious oral/rim session, Phantom slides his dick into Scorpio in cowboy and doggy. Then Vito takes over and rams Scorpio in a rough doggy and mish. The scene ends with the three guys nutting on their bodies.

Scene four is an incredible mini-gangbang just like scene two that pairs Storm, Krave, Shorty J, Shiri, Pimp and Sexy Hustlah together. Pimp is the first to whip his dick out and it slides into Shorty J?s willing mouth. Sexy Hustlah sucks up Storm?s big dick as Krave licks Hustlah?s ass. Pimp slides his big dick head into Storm?s ass, while Storm rims Shiri. Pimp fucks Storm real hard, and smack Storm?s ass with each moan. Shorty J rams his uncut cock inside of Sexy Hustlah, while Hustlah is sucking on Krave?s dick. Then Pimp, followed by Storm, pound the shit out of Shiri?s willing ass. Krave got a taste of Pimp?s 10-inch dick in mish. Pimp got some more of Shiri?s ass in mish and cowboy, while Sexy Hustlah bounced on Storm?s big dick. Storm came first and his creamy nut landed on Shiri?s face. Storm licked some of it up and positioned his face next to Shiri?s face. The rest of the guys took turns giving Shiri and Storm a creamy cum facial.

The fifth scene opens with Prettyboy, Maliki and Platinum playing video games. The scene is full of oral sex and rimming. This scene is the calmest of the six. It is a highlight for me because it features my one of favorite Cocoboyz ? Platinum!

The final scene is a humongous gangbang that features Storm, Fine Charles, Shorty J, Shiri, Pimp, Sexy Hustlah, Markell, Lance, and Adrian. The scene opens with the guys digging into each other?s crotches. Adrian is the first to get penetrated when he starts bucking up and down on Storm?s dark dick. Fine Charles slides his long phallus deep inside of Sexy Hustlah?s ass. Pimp rams his dick into Shiri in doggy. Storm kept on pounding this shit out of Adrian in doggy, just as Shorty J started to give Hustlah a pounding in doggy. During the chaos, Lance bounced on Markell?s dick in the seesaw position. Shorty J then got to slide into Lance, while Pimp fed Lance his dick. Fine Charles got a chance to slide into Shiri?s always-willing ass, as Lance took on Markell?s rod once more. The scene ends with some incredible oral cum shots. There is even several cumswappings performed by Adrian, Shiri and Storm. This scene was an incredible closing to a wonderful film!

FlavaWorks seems to have done it again! They have another hit on their hands. So everyone go out and get a copy of Dorm Life 5 ... you won?t regret it! --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 30 min
TYPE: Black, Latin, Oral, Ass Play, Facials, Condoms, Couples, Solo, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Blatino Connection
STARS: Rock, Black Diamond, G.Q., Jesus, Sean, John, Iniquity, The Mask, Mac, Baby Boy
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

?Dealers? puts some of the hottest thugs in some of the roughest sex on film. The opening scene has Rock pounding the shit out of The Mask. There are two solo scenes, one featuring Iniquity and the second featuring the twins?Sean and John. Next, Jesus fucks Black Diamond in doggystyle and leaves Black Diamond with a nice sized facial. The last scene pairs G.Q. with big-dicked Rock. Rock has his way with G.Q.?s ass in a gut-busting doggy style. They both erupt onto G.Q.?s chest, leaving him coated with white goo. The highlights of this DVD are both scenes that feature Rock. He is a handsome newcomer with an incredible dick. Pick up this DVD and watch Rock pound the shit out of his scenemates. --Papi Chulo

Thief In the Night

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 30 min
TYPE: Black, Oral, Ass Play, Condoms, Couples, Solo, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Blatino Connection
STARS: Black Diamond, G.Q., Rock, Smooth, Big Daddy
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

?Thief in the Night? is a sexy flick that contains some rough thug luvin?. The film opens with G.Q. ?breaking and entering? into thief Black Diamond. The scene contains very rough sex in doggy style and missionary. Smooth, Rock and Big Daddy each have a solo scene that ends with a batch of sticky goop on their stomachs. The final scene is the sexy Rock pounding Black Diamond. This time around the thief is portrayed by Rock. If you like rough thug luvin?, this film is for you! It only contains two hardcore sex scenes, but they are worth watching and the solos are pretty hot. --Papi Chulo


TYPE: Black, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Ty Lattimore Entertainment
STARS: Ty Lattimore, Robert McVee, Tankk, Ryan Dickson, Chicago
RATING: 3.5 (out of 5)

Ty Lattimore Entertainment presents ?A Little Off the TOP??the company?s debut film. It features a special appearance by the company?s owner, the legendary Ty Lattimore. The film opens with Tankk going down on the beautiful Robert McVee. Robert has an incredible body and a great dick. Chicago sucks on Ryan Dickson?s caramel dick and gets plowed by it in a rough doggystyle. After taking Robert?s dick in an extremely rough doggy, Tankk gets his ass stretched by Ty Lattimore. The film is a nice first film for an up-andcoming company. The only bonus feature on this disc is a preview for the company?s second film ?Dial a Freak.? It looks like it will be improving on this film, so I guess we will be seeing better and better films with each subsequent release. --Papi Chulo

JUST BETWEEN US - Brazilian Cum Ons #1

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 20 mins
TYPE: Black, Latin, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Alexander Pictures
STARS: Antonio De Capos, Castel Lorenzo, Antonio Ramos, Denis Mello, Felipe Herrero, Ramon Mendez, Felipe Sainz, Emilio Calvo
RATING: 3.5 (out of 5)

ALEXANDER PICTURES has released a new series featuring beautiful Brazilian men, titled ?Brazilian Cum Ons.? The first in the series is ?Just Between Us.? Brazilian men have been taking over the gay porn industry, and this series features some of the hottest men that will definitely give you some sizzling wet dreams. My favorite scene is the pairing of Felipe Sainz with Emilio Calvo. Officer Felipe catches Emilio jerking off and as punishment Felipe gives Emilio a pounding he will never forget. Another steamy scene stars Felipe Herrero and Ramon Mendez. Muscular DVD cover boy Ramon feeds his big Brazilian dick to Ramon?s tight ass. There are four hot scenes and each scene ends with two incredible cum shots. Those cum shots will make your mouth water! ?Just Between Us? is a beautifully shot film. It features handsome Brazilian men doing what they do best! I highly recommend this import. --Papi Chulo

DOING THE TRICK - Brazilian Cum Ons #2

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 20 mins
TYPE: Latin, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Alexander Pictures
STARS: Antonio Ramos, Felipe Herrero, Antonio De Capos, Ramon Mendez, Juan Pene, Diego Velasco, Pepe Numez, Diego Lozano
RATING: 4.5 (out of 5)

?BRAZILIAN CUM ONS? continues in the success of its first outing by releasing ?Doing the Trick.? This volume contains four scenes?just like volume one?that feature beautiful Brazilian men with big dicks. Scene one stars Felipe Herrero and Antonio Ramos?what a pairing! Both take turns plowing each another and the scene ends with two thick cum shots. The second scene has Brazilian Adonis Ramon Mendez filling Antonio De Capos? ass with his massive member. Scene three is my favorite. Poor Juan Pene has no clue what he is in for. Diego Velasco has one of the thickest dicks I have ever seen. Juan chokes on Diego?s fat dick head and Diego fucks Juan in a rough doggystyle. The final scene has muscle boy Pepe Numez sliding into Diego Lozano?s booty. Each scene is a scorcher! Just as I did for volume one, I recommend ?Doing the Trick.? This DVD definitely does the trick for me! --Papi Chulo

MAKING OUT - Brazilian Cum Ons #5

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 20 mins
TYPE: Latin, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Alexander Pictures
STARS: Felipe Herrero, Antonio De Capos, Rico Vidal, Darien Leon, Paulo Colimbra, Carlos de Olivira, Rafael Lopez, Hernando Roman
RATING: 4.5 (out of 5)

?BRAZILIAN CUM ONS? is becoming one of my favorite series imported from Brazil. It has four scorching scenes that star some of Brazil?s biggest names in gay erotica. The highlights of this DVD are the pairings of Felipe Herrero/Antonio De Capos and Rafael Lopez/ Hernando Roman. Felipe and Antonio seem to know how to please each other because they always seem to be paired up in this series. They do their classic ?flip-flop? fuck. Felipe nutts on his stomach, and Antonio shoots him cum on top of Felipe?s nutt. My second favorite scene is the one that stars Rafael Lopez and Hernando Roman. It is a wonder how Rafael?s dick fits inside of Hernando. Rafael has a big, thick dick, but somehow Hernando seems to take it with ease in both doggystyle and missionary. Rafael explodes all over Hernando?s chest and stomach. A cum shot that you have to see to enjoy! ?Making Out? is a worthy successor. --Papi Chulo

SEEING WHAT HAPPENS - Brazilian Cum Ons #6

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 16 mins
TYPE: Latin, Black, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Alexander Pictures
STARS: Luis De Pavia, Gomez Aguilar, Bruno Martin, Symao Reynell, Richard Pene, Manuel Blanco, Emilio Calvo, Jose Marcos
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

?SEEING WHAT HAPPENS,? has got to be my favorite in the series. Each scene is well shot and cum worthy! The first scene features Luis De Pavia and Gomez Aguilar. Gomez has a beautiful muscular body and is packing a double-digit and very thick uncut cock. It is a marvel how easy Luis takes that dick. Don?t close your eyes at the end of this scene, because you have to see both of their cum shots! The second scene stars Bruno Martin and Symao Reynell?both are big, beefy muscle men. They take turns plowing each other. Manuel Blanco and Richard Pene also take turns fucking each other very rough. The final scene stars one of my favorite stars from this series, Emilio Calvo. He sucks on Jose Marcos? thick member, then guides it deep inside his ass. They both erupt a huge amount of cum. ?Seeing What Happens? has it all?sexy ass men, scorching sex, and incredible cum shots. --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 59 mins
TYPE: Latin, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Solo, Couples, Threesome, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Latin Pacific Entertainment
STARS: Gil Cortez, Tino Lopez, Brandon Weber, Danny Lopez, Alex Leon, Sal Corelli, Ulizes Carpelli, Caesar Cruz, BJ Bratt, Rico Suave, Rio
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

LATIN PACIFIC ENTERTAINMENT has taken outdoor sex to a higher level. In ?Desert Sol,? the most beautiful Latin hunks perform in some of the hottest sex ever filmed in the desert sun. The film includes a hot solo scene and five hardcore sex scenes. The solo scene stars newcomer Caesar Cruz. He is a handsome chulo with a chiseled body and a huge uncut dick. Two of the sex scene highlights are the BJ Bratt/Brandon Weber pairing and the Rio/Gil Cortez/Danny Lopez threesome. Brandon takes BJ?s beautiful dark prick with ease in the desert sun. The final scene is a classic threesome. Power fuck Gil Cortez plows into both Rio and Danny with such zest. He shoots his man goop all over Danny?s ass. ?Desert Sol? is just as hot as its title suggests. If you are a fan of sexy Latin men ... buy ?Desert Sol.? --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 2 hrs 21 mins
TYPE: Latin, Black, Interracial, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Facials, Couples, Threesomes, Multiple Partners, Solo, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Raging Stallion Studios
STARS: Miguel Leonn, Pete Ross, Carlos Morales, Manuel Torres, Enrico Vega, Mario Cruz, Gerald, Ivan Andros
RATING: 4.5 (out of 5)

RAGING STALLION has done it again! They have paired some of the hottest studs in the industry and created one of the best films of 2005. Handsome Latin hunk Miguel Leonn headlines the strong cast that features beautiful Mario Cruz, hung Ivan Andros and Carlos Morales, and the power fuck that is Enrico Vega. The opening scene is the sexy pairing of Gerald and Ivan Andros. It is followed by a scorching flip-flop fuck between Ivan and Carlos, which turns into a threesome with Miguel. Miguel has a cream-inducing solo scene, and then plows Pete Ross. The film ends with a must-see gangbang. The DVD comes as a 2-disc set. The first disc holds the entire film, which includes a ?sex scene? only feature. The second disc includes a full-length documentary on the making of the film (including cast interviews) and previews. --Papi Chulo

FREAKY THUGZ - The Fire Within

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 45 mins
TYPE: Latin, Black, Interracial, Oral, Rimming, Ass Play, Couples, Threesomes, Rough Sex, Condoms, Facials, Oral Cumshots
STUDIO: Liquid Dreamz Entertainment/Tiger Tyson Productions
STARS: Tiger Tyson, Iseha, Junito, J.C., Alex Hamilton, Quest, Muscle Miguel, Alex Vega, Tony Rivera, Chulo, Rico Suave, Joieto
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

?A GOTHIC, SUPERNATURAL SEX FABLE? ... is what the back of the DVD calls it. A slick production, spooky story, sexy papis, and incredible sex scenes all add up to Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within. Freaky Thugz relies a lot on the setting, lighting, and camera tricks to arouse us (the viewer.) The opening scene is a sexy solo featuring Tiger Tyson. The outdoor sex scene that pairs Junito with a big black dick is one of the most erotic scenes in the film. Two of my favorite scenes were the pairings of Joeito/Junito and Rico/Iseha. Each scene ended in beautiful cum shots! Something that I did notice was that some of the sex scenes were too short; they could have been much longer. But overall, Freaky Thugz? artistic design, plot, and performances make it a must see! --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 12 mins
TYPE: Latin, Black, Interracial, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Threesomes, Solo, Rough Sex
STARS: RODROCKHARD, Ricco Furtado, Rico, Leo
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

RODROCKHARD Productions? debut film, ?Never Enough? is a must see for porn fans. It features the biggest and thickest dick in gay pornography, RODROCKHARD, filling up tight assholes with his 11? x 8? uncut dick. The film was written, produced, and directed by the leading stud. It starts off with ROD?s big meat pulverizing Rico in a rough doggystyle. The following scene features a special appearance by Ricco Furtado. ROD sucks Ricco?s large uncut Latin dick. They both jerk off together until they both climax on themselves. There was so much cum?you gotta see it to believe it! The final scene is a threesome that stars ROD, Rico and Leo. ROD and Leo take turns plowing Rico?s beautiful muscular booty. Every scene will leave you feeling sticky. The only bonus feature on this disc is an interview with ROD?s mom and aunt; both are very supportive to ROD and his career choice. ?Never Enough? is their debut film, and if ROD keeps this trend up, he will have success after success, because this film captures some of the most erotic pairings on film. --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 35 mins
TYPE: Latin, Interracial, Ass Play, Oral, Rimming, Condoms, Couples, Threesomes, Facials, Rough Sex
STUDIO: Raging Stallion Studios
STARS: Michael Brandon, Ivan Andros, Cory Koons, Mario Cruz, Rick Gonzales, Taurus, Joshua Adams, Sean Storm
RATING: 4.5 (out of 5)

Michael Brandon is the big dick behind Raging Stallion Studios, and his latest feature ?Party in the Rear?. Each scene features monster cock Michael Brandon pulverizing every gaping hole he runs into. The first scene has Mario Cruz paired up with Ivan Andros. After Ivan fills Mario?s ass in doggy, Michael steps in and shoves his big dick in Ivan. This scene ends with multiple creamy explosive facials. Next we have Sean Storm getting his ass butchered by Mr. Brandon. You have to wonder how Sean can take that big dick. The final scene is an extended sequence that starts off with Rick Gonzales plowing Cory Koons. After a creamy orgasm, the camera pans to Taurus and Joshua Adams getting ?up close and personal? with each other. Then, Rick Gonzales and Michael Brandon return to slide deep inside of Joshua. Ivan Andros also returns to be once again filled by Mr. Brandon?s huge phallus. There are two bonus features on this DVD: a behind the scenes featurette and solos from the cast. --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 2 hrs 20 mins
TYPE: Interracial, Muscles, Oral, Rimming, Ass Play, Couples, Threesomes, Rough Sex, Condoms, Cum Eating
STUDIO: Titan Media
STARS: Joey Dino, Bo Knight, Todd Maxwell, P. J. Dixon, Mattieu Costa, Joey Russo, Tim Bruno, Miguel Leonn, Tyler Boots, Victor Rios
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

TITAN MEDIA has been at the forefront of man on man erotica ever since it released its first DVD. The latest Titan feature, Drill?To The Point, continues the Titan legacy of mixing hot newcomers with fan favorites. From the sexy coupling of Tyler Boots and Victor Rios in the opening scene to the scorching Tim/Joey/Miguel threesome in a dental office that closes the film, Drill ? To The Point will make you run out of lube. I guarantee this DVD will be a hit, just as any new Titan film is a hit. Titan?s Drill delivers! --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 59 mins
TYPE: Black, Latin, Solo
STUDIO: FlavaWorks
STARS: Angel Luis, Mac, Moet, Neo, Pac, Tyson, Wicked
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

?THE BEST OF THUGBOY.COM? features some of the hottest thugs off their website. There are seven solo scenes ... totaling almost two hours. The first solo stars Angel Luis, he has a slim toned body and is packing a beautiful Latin cock. Next we have Mac, sexy body, sexy tats, and a sexy ass dick. Mac has low sagging balls and is packing a massive 10-inch dick. Moet is the third solo on this DVD. He is a cute shortie. Moet is packing a huge 9-inch dick. He pumps his dick until he erupts with hot cum. Next we have sexy ass Neo. He is filmed in a bathtub. After a brief shower, Neo starts tugging on his chocolate rod. He uses soap to lather up his dick, and his jizz oozes all over his thigh. Pac is the fifth featured thug he has a sexy chest, an even sexier 6 pack and a beautiful 8-inch dick. Pac jerks off on a couch and in the shower. The highlight of this DVD is Tyson. Tyson has so much sex appeal. He has a sexy muscular body and a great ass and is packing a beautiful and thick 9-inch dick with sexy low hanging balls. Tyson?s jizz lands on his stomach and he leaves a thick trail of goop oozing from his dick head. The final scene stars Wicked. The scene is brief but the highlight of this scene is the amount of nutt that comes out of Wicked?s cock ?If you like solo films, check this one out. The hot studs featured on this DVD and the hot jizz they shoot out of their dicks will definitely make you want to start tuggin? your rod! --Papi Chulo