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Rating 5 (out of 5)

There?s a hot new site in computer land called My reason for giving this website such a huge rating is that there are so many options and hundreds of phyne Latin men to feast your eyes upon. There?s also an added bonus, being that this is truly a bi-sexual site, there?s also some beautiful Latinas featured here as well for you chulos that love to go both ways. features a huge selection of hot male and female models with photo shoots and videos, there are also bi-sexual fuck videos and photos as well. In addition, they have some of the best erotic-art and stories hot enough to make you pull your dick out and beat it to a frenzy but that?s not all. There?s also a wonderful additional variety of features that are absolutely free! You have a delectable preview of all the models featured, there?s a large club listings area and there?s also a free chat and personals area that boasts some gorgeous men, women and couples. To sum it up, has it all and I guarantee that you will be on there for hours, take it from me you won?t be in the least bit disappointed. --Malik Shabazz

Rating 5 (out of 5)

Latino-Caliente by far has to be one of the hottest adult male sites on the net, pleasing everyone?s taste and style. The selection?s so overwhelmingly mind wrenching, from the sites live shows to interactive chat you?re assured to never bore. The chat allows you to meet some of the hottest guys around the world and some even right at your own back door. Its live web cams allow you to see your model of choice in action. Just when you thought you?ve had enough, Latino-Caliente offers more. From steamy stories to games, screensavers, forums and a wide selection of videos and DVD?s Latino- Caliente has everything at your disposal. I personally say it?s a winner, scoring an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!!! If you?re into hot and sexy hunks that put the steam in steamy, this is the site for you. But don?t just take my word for it.... log on and sweat a little!!!--Shiri

Rating 0 (out of 5)

Sexy models ... great club reviews ... tight personals ... what more could you expect out of a hot website? But as I browsed through I kept thinking I had seen all this somewhere else. Ohhh ... wait ... I have seen this someplace else?on! It was very interesting to read a few of their club reviews and compare them with the club reviews on and in the FlavaMen Magazine Premiere Issue [Winter 2005]. It appears that someone over at enjoys the ?cut and paste? feature on their PC, because the Stonewall and Club Eros reviews are exact word-for-word copies from the reviews in the FlavaMen magazine and website. They even seem to enjoy our models, because several of the models featured on are our models. What?s even more disgusting is that their model search page looks very familiar as well. An old children?s song popped in my head: ?One of these [sites] looks just like the other ...? I could not believe that the Ebonymale model search page looks just like the Cocoboyz model search page. I know that people try to imitate those that are on the cutting edge, usually it?s flattering, but a carbon copy ... a clone ... a faux-FlavaMen ... I don?t think so! needs to be original and stop copying our shit! --Papi Chulo