Platinum & Shareef

Everybody's dream is to break a straight boy in. You know in our society it'll earn you bragging rights and Platinum is one of the lucky few who can actually say that he's been there and done that with Shareef.

At 5'10? 150lbs, Platinum definitely lives up to his name. This light-skinned hotty is phyne as hell with a nice round bubble ass. Platinum currently resides in the windy city and is also a model and star on and

When it comes to Tall, Dark and Handsome Shareef surely fits the bill. Straight out of Philadelphia, Pa. the 5'11? 175lbs tall glass of water shows that he is gifted and knows how to use his thick black dick.

The two met in Miami when Shareef was invited to come in for a couple of solo shoots. To everyone's surprise he suggested that a session between him and Platinum would be cool. Who would have thought that a ?Straight? boy would've opted to do such a thing. When Platinum heard of this he quickly agreed, he wanted to be fucked by Shareef in the worst way. The shoot took place at a hotel in South Beach. Platinum was so excited to turn this straight-boy out that he came on a little too strong, this made Shareef somewhat uneasy but as soon as he felt how wet Platinum's sweet hole was, the dick sprung to life, that's when the fun began.

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