Mikeal Race

Mikeal Race is hot. Plain and simple. This sexy eighteen-year-old redbone comes to us straight from the CocoDorm, oozing with the confidence of a man twice his age. Iíve been feeling this hot young brother since day one. From his dreamy bedroom eyes to his pretty light brown dick hanging eight inches low. Mikealís skin is smooth as fresh churned butter and his moist brownish pink lips seem like they were designed solely to be kissed. I watched the video from his photo shoot a good fifty times before I conducted a telephone interview with him, while he was in Pittsburgh on a little hiatus from the dorm.

ELMO JACKSON: Hey, whatís up Mikeal? How you doing?
MIKEAL RACE: Iím good man.
ELMO JACKSON: I been checking out the video from your shoot and you got a brother drooling down here. It was hot, man.
MIKEAL RACE: (Laughing) Thanks, I try to do my best.
ELMO JACKSON: One thing that really stuck out was the fact that youíre tattoo-free. I see so many models with so many tatts, when I see somebody without one, it makes them seem a little more sexy to me. Like, pure. Know what I mean, unblemished. But thatís rare, in this business just about everybody is inked up. Not just the models, but the photographers, writers, producers and directors too.
MIKEAL RACE: I know. Iím not the type to just follow the crowd. I always handle situations differently from everybody else. I like to stick out, so I never got one. If nobody was doing tattoos then I would probably have one.
ELMO JACKSON: Thatís whatís up, individualism. What made you decide to come to the dorm? To pose for FlavaMen?
MIKEAL RACE: I like the attention of people having their eyes on me, being looked at. I think thatís hot.
ELMO JACKSON: So, you like it. Do you think you want to pursue a career in adult videos?
MIKEAL RACE: Most definitely. I love showing off my body and I love performing. And I love having sex, not just getting off, but the whole sexual experience, from start to finish. Know what I mean? So, I believe I got what it takes.
ELMO JACKSON: Do you see yourself getting to major star status, like at the level of a Bam or Breion Diamond?
MIKEAL RACE: I would love to be on the level of Breion Diamond. He is sooo hot. I had the opportunity to hang out with him a little since Iíve been at the dorm. I really like his style and personality.
ELMO JACKSON: How do you like living at the dorm?

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