In less than two years Rock, the CEO of Rockafellaz Entertainment has taken the industry by storm. The FlavaMen Winter 08 Cover Model and Centerfold was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and is probably one of the most powerful black men in the adult film industry. This sexy chulo is a rough and rugged man’s man. Hard as a rock (no pun intended). His body art is tasteful, well placed and provocative. His braids say “thug”, his perfectly groomed face and mustache say “businessman” and his thick and juicy 10.5” pinga says... “I’m the shit!” None of his success has gone to his head. Rock is down to earth and accessible; willin’ to break in new blood wherever he can. I had the chance to sit down and talk to the “Gangsta of Porn” just after a sizzlin’ hot photo shoot in our Flava Works studios.

BREION: What’s up pa? You doin’ you’re thing ain’t you? The hardest workin’ man in porn. You know that was some hot shit, right?
ROCK: Thanks Breion. I’m just happy to be here doing what I love to do, on my own terms.
BREION: What does it mean to be a “Gangsta of Porn”?
ROCK: Well, a lot of models in gay porn want to portray themselves as hardcore thugs or whatever. We’re just taking that to another level. If you look at traditional gangsters, they’re hard, but classy. They’re no nonsense businessmen that make shit happen, know what I mean? They offer a quality that you can’t refuse.
BREION: Why do you do porn? And how did you get so far in such a relatively short period of time?
ROCK: I do porn because I love it. I mean, I was a cop back home in St. Louis. Then I was a cop in Atlanta, but this is just something that I always wanted to do. I went out on a limb with my own company after only a year in the business, and it paid off.
BREION: I know with regular actors sometimes there’s like a rivalry between actors of the same type. Is there a thing with tops havin’ beef with other tops in the industry?
ROCK: Yeah sometimes, but I just focus on Rock. I look at guys like Tiger and Castro, and give them their props. But there’s one person that just doesn’t like me for whatever reason. I guess he got beef with me, I don’t know.
BREION: And who is that?

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