Originally from D.C. with a background spent in foster homes where he had constantly defend himself, Tyson’s come a long way at the age of 25 – though he knows he’s also got a long way to go, and is ready for tha trip. Experimenting with other guys at 17 … working as a stripper to pay the bills at 18 … and posing nude in all his LL Cool J-like glory for this month’s centerfold – this guy’s led a lot of life for his age, but remains one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever chatted with.

This was also one of the hottest photo-shoots I’ve ever been at; Tyson was professional, turned on and hard as rock almost from word. That smile would have everyone in tha room turned on one minute – thinking, “Man, to wake up to THAT every morning would be sweet!” – and then the next he’d be so focused on working his magic and his member, that the whole room went silent (and the temperature up a few degrees) just ‘cause everyone was so turned on. After it was all over and this sexy brotha had taken a shower I would have given a lot to have been a part of – Tyson and I sat down on a loveseat and hung out for awhile, discussing his life and dreams. He’s a hot guy, a cool guy – and definitely has some strong opinions on how he sees the world … and how the world sees him.

“A lotta people think that if you’re gay – or even just like gettin’ with other guys – that you’re supposed to act all feminine, or be flamboyant or something. That’s one thing I’d like to see changed; some of us look and act just like the average guy, and there are all types of gay men. Don’t generalize.”

For sure, this dude in person comes off with nothing but machismo and toughness. A former boxer who still practices in the ring, Tyson is all man and – officially – the first Thugboy; one who credits both God and a teacher he had in the sixth grade as his biggest role models growing up.

“I had this teacher in the 6th grade who taught me self-awareness – to stand my ground and not hold back. I grew up really quiet and never standing up for myself – this guy brought me out of my shell, and made me fight for myself, and for what was right. I’ve never looked back since.”

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