In just two films – “Dorm Life X: The House Next Door” and “Thugboy 4: Thugged Out” – Merecio has already proven that he can take a handsome, rugged face … a smooth, versatile body (labeled “Seduction” for a reason) … and eight inches of uncut black beef that gets hard and stays that way … and turn it all into the beginning of a solid career in the adult industry. For real, this brotha has what it takes – and in a hotel suite decked out more to look like an ancient Roman bath, the sexy, long-legged Connecticut native stretched out and pulled it out – for a photo-shoot that shows why Merecio is on his way to becomin’ a superstar.

T.I. DA KING: Let’s start with the eyes, my brotha. ‘Smokin’ just don’t cover it.
MERECIO: I got my daddy’s eyes. He caught my mom with his eyes, and they been together over twenty-five years now.
T.I. DA KING: Is that how you catch your prey, man – those smoky brown eyes?
MERECIO: I get a lot of compliments on them, yeah – but I usually ain’t into the guys who come onto me. I like to do the hunting, usually; that’s a turn-on for me.
T.I. DA KING: So what you like to hunt? And what you do with them when ya bag ‘em?
MERECIO: Depends on my mood; sometimes I wanna get fucked, and sometimes I wanna be drippin’ sweat on some young, barely-legal dude when I’m slamming my dick up his ass. But it all starts with a look, then a nod and maybe a smile. If they smile back, by then I think I got a shot at gettin’ them to come home with me.

And once we’re there … man, I just broke in my new kitchen table with this young kid I ran into in a drugstore. He was shoppin’ for some condoms ‘cause he had a date that night, and I told him I already had some. We made it back to my place, I pretty much ripped his clothes off him – and a couple hours later, that niggah forgot he even HAD a date that night. We tore that kitchen UP, and I broke my favorite Starbucks mug – but that shit was worth it!
T.I. DA KING: Dude – you a freak!!
MERECIO: Yeah, maybe. But the little brotha’s called me every day since. I like that – we was good together.
T.I. DA KING: Were you thinking about him during the shoot? ‘Cause for real, you seemed pretty fucking turned on the whole time.
MERECIO: I was. Turned on, I mean. But I wasn’t necessarily thinking of da boi when I was doing it. I got a good imagination, and for shit like this I just picture me fucking the hell outta someone I ain’t had yet – but want to. An actor, usually, or anyone famous I’d like to fuck … or get fucked by.

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