These are the assignments I like the most. Beautiful days full of beautiful men with beautiful hard bodies. It’s all just so....beautiful. Ninja Nixon once again, this time coming to you all from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and bringing you one of the finest papi’s walking these crowded streets, 5’10, 175 pound Alonzo. This 28 year old bi-sexual Taurus has one of the tightest bodies in Brazil and a serious case of “bedroom eyes”. Once you hit the bedroom though his thick 7” uncut cock takes over and that’s when the REAL beauty is on display. I got to talk to Alonzo right after his photoshoot and he gave me an earful. Thanks to Carlos Ramierez for translating.

NINJA NIXON: Nice meeting you.
ALONZO: You too. Ninja Nixon is a big name over here.
NINJA NIXON: Alonzo is going to be a big name in the States soon.
ALONZO: Hopefully.
NINJA NIXON: So how did you get hooked up with FlavaWorks?
ALONZO: A friend of mine worked for Papi Cock and I went to a shoot with him one day. That was that.
NINJA NIXON: Really? Just show up at the shoot and BAM!?
ALONZO: Yeah pretty much. They took a few pics that day to show to the model scout we are.
NINJA NIXON: How long ago was that?
ALONZO: About two...maybe three weeks.
NINJA NIXON: They sure didn’t waste any time getting you on film.
ALONZO: I didn’t want them too. I’ve always wanted to model for you guys but I never knew how to go about it.
NINJA NIXON: So now that your on the inside, what are you going to do?

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