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Jewel's Catch One Club

Reviewed by Tezjork

Jewel?s Catch One is the hottest club in Los Angeles which features 2 dance floors with hip-hop, house, salsa, reggae, deep house, old skool and r&b music. Jewel?s Catch One is an international multi-cultural venue for everyone to enjoy. This club is the place to come and chill on Saturday and Sunday. The club has a smoking and dining area for those who want a more intimate setting. The club is 21 and over and is open from 9pm to 4am on Saturday and 7:30pm to 2am on Sunday.

Jewel?s Catch One has been open and running for the past 31 years and it caters to everyone. They?re doing a great job because I remember when there was no place to go to have fun and party with friends. At this club you meet all people of different ages and races and it?s amazing how everyone can be under one roof and all have fun with no problems. So if ya?ll don?t believe me that the club is off da hook go see fa yaself. I love the club been going fa the past 4 years. Anyway the club is located at:

4067 W. Pico blvd Los Angeles CA 90019
HOTLINE: 323-734-8849

The Prop House

Reviewed by Sayvion

Chicago welcomes you to its premier hot spot where the boys are tight, the drinks are off the hook and the music is always on point. The Prop House boasts two rooms, one that pumps out some hot club beats and the other that spins some of the hottest hip hop and r&b mixes to date by Dj?s Anton, Journey and Craig Loftis. For a reasonable $10.00 admission you can party, drink or mix and mingle in the upper level lounge area. This is definitely the one and only place to be on a Friday night. The party starts at 11:00pm and ends at 4:00am so come on out and get yo party on with some of da Chi?s best looking African American and Latin men, but remember you must be 21 and over with valid identification.

Rails@ The Prop House 1675 N. Elston Avenue Chicago IL 60622
(773) 486-2086 INFO LINE: (708) 802-1705
HOTLINE: 323-734-8849

Club Reunion

Reviewed by Sayvion

What?s up fellas? This ya boy Tae Love comin atcha straight from the Coco Dorms with the scoop on one of the hottest kickin spots on a Saturday in the Chi.

Well, lately it seems like if you are not a voyuer or a spectator of the voyuers, you spend your weekends at home. Now don?t get me wrong, the kids can really make it hot with their productions that they put on in the club scene, but sometimes, you just wanna dance and get yo drink on without having to duck out of the way of somebody?s fist in the middle of a sickenin fall out. Club Reunion appears to be that spot.

My experience at the Reunion was all good. There was nobody startin drama with any other patrons, and the crowd appeared to be a bit more mature than some of the other clubs that I?ve been to in the windy city. Admission was somewhere between $10 and $12, and it was definitely worth it. There were live male dancers doin their thing in the middle of the dance floor, and Miss Ruff-N-Stuff kept the crowd hype as she M.C.?ed. Immediately the Cocodorm boy?s were showed love as we hit the dance floor and put on a little show of our own, and Miss Ruff-N-Stuff made sure to give a shout out to our newest member, Devin, who was celebrating his birthday.

If you are like me, you gotta make sure you get crunk whenever you go out, and for a college boy like myself, you?re always watchin your pockets. So it was a relief that the drinks at Club Reunion were actually affordable! I sipped on watermelon jolly ranchers, (which the bar tender made specially for me), all night at $7 a pop, and believe me, they were fire! The music was a well-balanced mixture of hip-hop with a little bit of pop, and all of today?s hits were played. From Beyonce to Jay Z, J-Lo to 50 cent, the D.J. was sure to ?play yo song?.

Based on my experience, I gave Club Reunion three and a half stars. It was a nice change from the usual clubs I attend in Wisconsin, and I will definitely be commin back soon. Holla!!!!

Club Reunion 811 W. Lake St. (312) 491-9600


Reviewed by Sayvion

Krash, New York?s newest place to be on a Friday night. Located in the heart of Chelsea Krash is a place for those who really like to party hard. From 10:00pm-5:00am you can groove to the hypnotic club rhythms by DJ Glenn Friscia on the spacious top level loaded with two big bars, a V.I.P. Section and a third level seating area, or you can do yo thang on the hip hop floor on the lower level by a guest DJ. Admission varies depending on the party but you?ll always get your money?s worth. This club is such a main attraction that everyone attends, African American, Latin and White men. What you need to do is jump on the band wagon and get your ass down to Krash, you?ll have a time you?ll never forget.

16 W. 22nd Street New York NY 10010
HOTLINE (646) 739 0859 Directions: (212) 229-2000