At 21, this vanilla dream is a triple - threat, his gorgeous face, toned body and laid back disposition makes women love him and men lust after him. When this Chicago native isn?t at school or on the set of a shoot he can be found at the nearby court shootin some hoops with the boys.

In person B-Nasty is very quiet but by all means please don?t let that fool you. That boy is truly ?nasty? in a good way though because I know first - hand. We spent the day just kickin it and chillin around the way then we went to the courts that night to get our b-ball on I was surprised to find out that a long sweaty game of ball gets him horny as hell and I was once again surprised that he wanted to freak with me. Shit I jumped at the chance and we quickly headed back to the crib. To see B-Nasty?s tall well sculptured naked body standing in front of me with his hard dick made me do things that I can?t even repeat. Sorry readers but I don?t kiss and tell. Just be aware that he has the power to please you and make you do things you thought were never possible.

SAYVION: Sup readers, I want to introduce you to Chicago?s phynest known as B-Nasty.
B-NASTY: Sup - readers, sup Sayvion
SAYVION: Your sweatsuit is off da chain looks like you got a date tonight.
B-NASTY: Nah Savy, I just gotta keep my shit tight and correct at all times nah mean?
SAYVION: I feel you B, so how?s school?
B-NASTY: Stressful but I?m doin the damn thang and ain?t nothin gonna hold me back.
SAYVION: I?m proud of you baby, stay - focused. So you still playing ball?
B-NASTY: Hell yeah! You know that I ain?t never gone stop. Aye Sayv hold on [phone rings, after 5 mins of yes and no?s] my bad yo I just had to answer dat.
SAYVION: And who was that?
B-NASTY:Somethin I?m gonna go hit up after this interview [smiles].
SAYVION: Damn boy I?m tryin to be like you.
B-NASTY: Baby that?s why I?m B-Nasty cause there?s nothing wrong with being nasty.
SAYVION: Das wassup. So where did your shoot take place?
B-NASTY: Why don?t we talk bout dat night we chilled?
SAYVION: So, where did your shoot take place?

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