Tato tha Vato stands at exactly 6-feet tall, and when he comes into a room ya know right away that this is a straight dude who is sort of a mass of contradictions; boyish but masculine, aggressive yet shy, a total cholo who also wraps ya up in a bear hug, like you been his best friend for a hundred years.

In short, the dude is damned sexy - but, at the same time, can make you fall in love with him with the cocking of that crooked, hunky-homie smile.

For real, you gotta watch your heart around Tato - he's a straight dude, for one, with a black book full of ladies' names and numbers that'd make the New York phonebook look like a pamphlet. He don't play the male/male way, but is one of the cooler dudes you'd ever find far as being okay with other guys coming onto him. In his first interview he said he was cool with posing for a magazine that's read by both chicks and dudes, and seemed real laidback about the idea - but still, with all that, knocked us on our asses when, during his shoot, tha sexy Latino raised his legs and spread that hot, round, honey-colored ass for the cameras.

In fact, that was tha first thing he was asked, after the shoot when he cleaned the liquid snow off his belly and crotch and sat down for a chat.

"I love fucking ass," Tato admitted right off. "Get me a baby-gurl with some back to her, and I am all about spreading those cheeks and plowing away. I mean, there ain't nothin' like pussy - especially eating out a fresh female, tonguing her until she ‘bout passes out with lust - but man, I see that tiny little hole and start feeling about what it might be like to have it wrapped around my dick and keeping me hard while I'm fucking it... and yeah, man shit dude I am gettin' hard again just talkin' about it.

"Anyway, yeah, I know the power of a hot ass, and when they asked me to show my hole, I thought it'd be cool to keep tha fantasy goin'. Like maybe you could fuck this ass if you approach me nice - then sit on my dick after, be my bitch and let me pound you until you forget your own name. That's how I plays it."

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