C-Lo is like my baby brother; he was the first dude I met in Miami, and even now we hang out and raise a WHOLE lotta hell together. For someone his age especially, this light-skinned, pretty-boy shorty sure as hell has his act together – and though it took me awhile to do it, it was cool when C finally said hell yeah to posing for my favorite magazine. Tha brotha is cute, funny as hell, and has a body (and certain body parts) worth not only a look but a taste. While he’s strictly a ladies’ man, tha fact the C-Lo looks like he do can’t help but get a brotha’s motor running, too – and after watching his shoot, it was all I could do to sit up straight even when he was showered, dressed, and sittin’ before me to talk about it. After all, I’m only human – and a certain body part of mine can’t help but think with a mind of its own.

BREION: Wow, my man – that was some hot shit. Can’t believe you were even worried ‘bout how you’d do.
C-LO: Nah, it was cool. Once I got into it. I wasn’t stressed – just a little worried I might be too nervous to … perform. You know. But it was easier than it looks.
BREION: And it gets easier the MORE you do it, bro.
C-LO: Yeah, I’ll bet. I’ll bet if you’re with someone ‘specially, after awhile you forget there are cameras are even there.
BREION: For sure. So tell everyone a little about you. We wanna know more about da boi behind that pretty face and hot dick. You’re from Miami, right?
C-LO: Not Miami, but born and bred Floridian. Biracial Latino-white dude just tryin’ to make his way in the world. Going to school – workin’ – tha usual shit.
BREION: You’re in school now?
C-LO: Yeah, I just went back after bein’ a wild boi for a few years outta high school. I graduated high school, but just barely – hated school as a kid, and couldn’t wait to get out – but I done a lot of growin’ up since getting’ my ass kicked in school, and am in college now studying marine biology.
BREION: Marine biology?
C-LO: Hell, yeah! I am a true water rat, man; can’t get enough of being at the beach, in the water, scuba diving – you name it. I wanna study that whole world, man; have loved animals all my life.
BREION: That’s cool, bro – what kinda work you doin’ now?
C-LO: Same deal, Breion – I work part-time at a zoo. Working with animals on land, studying the ones underwater at night. Cool deal.
BREION: Wow, that’s tight. But goin’ back to somethin’ you said – you got your ass kicked in school?

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