Danger Zone

ďA warning and a promise.Ē says Danger when asked to explain his name. Judging from the mean mug on this 19 year old Miami natives face you wouldnít want to meet him in a back alley or approach him on the streets for that matter. This bi chulo makes double sure that anyone man enough to step to him walks away with a smile on his face though, and his fat nine inch pinga is just as dangerous as the brotha himself. Nothing wrong with asking him a few questions I hope.

MANNY T: Have you ever been with a other dude pa?
MANNY T: It didnít turn you off the pussy?
DANGER ZONE: Nope. Maybe I just havenít found the right guy or had the right experience yet. Iím still really new to the gay side of things.
MANNY T: Must be strange posing for a gay magazine then?
DANGER ZONE: Very. Itís sort of creepy getting naked and letting another guy take pictures of me.
MANNY T: How did you manage to get through it?
DANGER ZONE: I just thought about a couple of my little freaks.
MANNY T: Male or female?
DANGER ZONE: *laughs* Both.
MANNY T: So papi is a player huh?
MANNY T: Ever going to settle down?
DANGER ZONE: I doubt it. Maybe if I find the right girl....but I doubt it.
MANNY T: Maybe the right chulo?
DANGER ZONE: Possibly. I couldnít see being married to another dude though.
MANNY T: You might like it papa.
DANGER ZONE: I might, but I donít think Iíll ever find out.
MANNY T: Do you think youíll ever do any more porn?
DANGER ZONE: You mean like videos and shit?
MANNY T: Yeah.

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