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If you love hot, well built, well hung, uncut Caribbean men ? then Seti3x.com is the site for you. Once you enter the site, you are treated to a world full of the sexiest Caribbean men. You can browse through various galleries and view steamy pictures of some of the biggest, thickest, uncut cocks from the Islands. The photos are guaranteed to make your mouth water. The best part of this site is that you can actually view films of the models. The films run about 7-10 minutes in length and you get to view the delicious uncut pricks shoot hot jizz in various settings. This is one of the hottest sites I have ever visited. It isn?t all that high-tech ? but the extensive model galleries and jerk off films are perfect enough. The erotic photography and vast array of cum shots will make you book a flight to the Caribbean. For a piece of Caribbean life and Caribbean cock, log on to seti3x.com.

Rating:: 4 (out of 5)


From first sight of this website?s name, I thought that I was in for a treat but to my surprise, my experience was just the opposite. Once I first got to the site, I immediately went to the models section to check out what they had to offer. There are only 1 1/2 pages of models, some that are known and some never seen before, and the rest of the pages are of the same model. And the worst part about it is that it?s the same picture. Disappointed from the pictures, I tried to watch one of the movies and none of them worked. All of the links and tabs on this site all lead back to the homepage. The only reason this website didn?t receive a 0 rating is because despite the variety, the few models they have posted are actually not bad to look at. It would be nice if I could?ve seen their photoshoots and not just one picture.

Rating:: 1 (out of 5)


Everyone should have a Photogtapher/Model Scout like the one who?s responsible for finding the models on this site. The majorities of the models are all attractive and provide something that can cater to almost anyone?s needs. As I went through the photoshoots, I found that the quality of the shoots wasn?t the best but given the subjects, that didn?t really bother me that much. The only drawback was having to continuously click the back button on the browser because there were no tabs or links on the different pages of the site. I like the concept of this being a bi-site but one would think that there would be more than just one action video that falls along those lines. I feel that this site has potential to become a big hit, once all the content and minor technical issues are addressed.

Rating:: 3 (out of 5)