Chris Cruz

This young Latino daddy definitely has what it takes to be our featured model as you will see in the upcoming pages. His body is muscular and defined, his wash-board abs are rippled to perfection, his pecs are perfectly sculpted, his thick pretty uncut dick and his juicy ass will have your mouth watering. That?s not all though, this Cuban fantasy not only has the body, he?s also blessed with a handsome face and the most gorgeous eyes to seduce you with.

Upon meeting Chris Cruz I had to admit that I couldn?t wait to see him out of his clothes but I had to play it cool and keep it professional (for now at least). He was very easy to work with and we actually clicked which made the session flow quite smoothly. Watching him slowly undress to reveal his tight body, made me want him even more and he was feeding off that. He watched me intently as he continued his strip tease for the camera (I honestly think it was for me though). He continued his tease by stopping when he got down to his boxer briefs, which hugged him so perfectly that I had to get some shots of his perfect ass.

Finally Chris couldn't take the strain of his hard dick up against the boxer briefs and he took them off. To my delight out sprung a beautiful piece of manhood, stiff hard and ready to spit. I had to get this shot in the best possible position so I told him to sit for me and jerk his dick. He started out with a quick pace which let me know that he would bust in no time. Watching those dark eyes and pink full lips made my nuts tighten, damn I wanted this mutha fucka in the worst way. He began to squeeze his nipples and moan in the most erotic way whispering sweet Cuban phrases. Chris got louder and closed his eyes as he shot out the most milky nut that I?ve ever seen all over his chest.

SAYVION: It was a pleasure working with you yo.
CHRIS CRUZ: Yeah it was cool for me too.
SAYVION: So what brings you to Chicago?
CHRIS CRUZ: I?m here vacationing.
SAYVION: Are you enjoying yourself?
CHRIS CRUZ: Yeah, I?ve been havin some fun so far.
SAYVION: What kind of fun?

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