The 20-year-old Chicagoan who graces the cover of this month's issue was once nicknamed by a stripper (female, damnit) "Knees and Please" - because, according to her, one look at his babyboy smile and toned, smooth physique makes you "drop to your knees and holla out 'PLEASE!'" S Dob blushes even as he tells us this story, but at the same time you can tell he's proud of the nickname - and has probably used it to his advantage with ladies all over the Midwest.

S Dob answered an open model call because he needed the green, but was even more happy to find out we weren't the "totally gay magazine" he thought we were. "You mean FEMALES read this shit??" he yelped while thumbing through an issue - and when we assured him that they did - that FlavaMen was a magazine for admirers of Black and Latin men from any and all walks of life - the young, bi-sexual brotha from the south side of Chi-Town couldn't sign up fast enough.

And we couldn't be happier - so much so, we decided tha dude was pure centerfold material, once we saw how the sample shots turned out. An expert swimmer and former lifeguard, S Dob must have mentioned his love for water at least three times during his first interviews - so we took the theme further to show, in his various photo shoots, that whether in the tub or at poolside - this sweet-faced boi was most at home when slippery and wet.

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