Video Reviews

Rio Uncut Vol 2

Running time: 1hr 42 min
Type: Latin, couples, solos, groups/orgies
Rating: 5 of 5 Squirts

Rio Uncut volume 2 turns out to be an excellent follow-up to it?s predecessor, a must have for your video collection. There are some hot new Latino men added in this movie giving you much more fucking, licking and sucking than volume 1. The movie starts out with a steamy three way starring cast members Beto, Roger Star and Moreno. Seeing Moreno open his ass up and take Beto and Roger Star makes this one of the hottest scenes in my opinion (you might cum before you get to the next one). The movie also has some great solos, Watching sexy Mag, Junior and Cristiano jerk their thick uncut dicks till they explode will definitely take you to unimaginable heights of passion. To sum it up, Rio Uncut volume 2 gives you more than your ass, dick or tired hands can ask for: hot duos, sexy solos and freaky three ways. From my personal experience with this video, I suggest you get more than one copy because you?ll definitely wear the first one out.

Dorm Life 3

Title: Dorm Life 3
Running time: 2hr 16 min
Type: Interracial, bareback, groups/orgies
Rating: 5 of 5 Squirts

The boys of out do themselves once again! With an all new cast and guest appearances by Sexy thuggin and the ever popular Castro, volume 3 has proven by far to be the best of the Dorm Life series. My favorite thing about this entire video are the close-up shots, kudos to the camera man as he zooms in extra close for you to see when a thick wet dick enters a hot hole. My all time favorite scene is when models Chino, Tyce and Mastermind form a human sandwich and fuck each other. There?s one duo in this volume with models Tezjork and Scorpio that is definitely hot and freaky. Pay close attention as they both fuck, suck and eat each other?s ass until their huge dicks (and I do mean huge) erupt creamy globs of cum. There?s also a big surprise in scene 4 when Lil Mann fucks Castro. The 3rd installation of the Dorm Life chronicles will leave you extremely satisfied, with over 2 hours of raw fucking, sucking, cum drinking and deep ass eating you?ll be left wanting more.