Patrick comes to us from Montreal, Canada. At 6?2?, 200 lbs. he?s nothing short of an Adonis.Patrick is fine indeed and has a wonderfully toned and buffed body with a big, juicy round ass to go with his fat 9? uncut dick. What else can yall ask for in a man, muscular body, fat ass, huge dick who?s also the quintessential freak, Patrick will hypnotize you with his deep brown eyes and tantalize you with his sexy thick brown lips. Shit if I had him alone there?s nothing that I wouldn?t do to completely satisfy this caramel creation.

Patrick was discovered at a local boxing match in Miami and let me tell you that the man?s got some skills. What got my attention other than his quick and swift moves was the way his dick kept jumping and moving around, that made my mouth run and my own dick twitch. Yo I sure know how to pick ? em because Patrick proved himself to be the perfect candidate for us to shoot. He arrived at the location a little early to get his work out on so he could be in his greatest form (as if he really needed to do that). When he finally finished and got dressed he looked so damn good in his dark-blue, button-down shirt (opened of course) and matching sun visor, he completed the outfit with some relaxed fitting blue jeans. Patrick looked casual, comfortable and sexy as hell.

I was in for the surprise of my life when the cameras started rolling, he began teasing me with his eyes and grinding his hips real nice and slow. First the visor came off, then the shirt, then the jeans and then finally the sexy white boxer briefs which he threw at me, looked me dead in the eyes and told me to sniff them. Damn can I tell you that his draws had the sweetest mixture of Dunhill Cologne and the sweet light funk of dick and ass, this made me wanna take out my own dick and jack off. The next thing that Patrick did drove me insane. He got on the bed on his hands and knees ass up and started clenching and releasing his tight, wet asshole I swear to you I was about to drop the camera and put my tongue straight in his ass.

Patrick sensed my being aroused and quickly turned around to beat his big hard dick for me. With just eight hard tugs at his piece, he bucked back and spit his creamy nut straight up in the air like a fountain never taking his eyes off of me. That was by far the most intense photo session for me.

CHINO: Patrick, Patrick, Patrick, you have me speechless already.
PATRICK: Why is that Chino?
CHINO: Seeing you today got me to thinking about that photo shoot.
PATRICK: What about the photo shoot Chino [winks]?

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